BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainci: upgrade isort (#74044)Frédéric Péters14 hours
wip/53784-cursor-pointer-btncss: add cursor pointer to [role=button] (#53784)Thomas JUND21 months
wip/54488-flexbox-gridscss: add new grid system with flexbox (#54488)Thomas JUND19 months
wip/68711-fix-tab-anchor-for-wcsjs: fix anchor on tab selection (#68711)Lauréline Guérin5 months
wip/70871-button-groupstyle: add a new "button group" style (#70871)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/72973-Permettre-de-cacher-un-champ-de-templates: allow hiding form widget on page load (#72973)Valentin Deniaud4 weeks
wip/73506-sync-grid-scsscss: sync grid with publik-base-theme (inputs & never-alone) (#73506)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/73802-pk-accordion-buttona11y: add transparent style for accordion button (#73802)Frédéric Péters8 days
wip/paul/main-a2-entry[WIP] new authentic menu main entry iconPaul Marillonnet7 months
wip/pre-committrivial: apply pre-commit configurationFrédéric Péters8 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  gadjo-1.62.tar.gz  gadjo-1.62.tar.bz2  Benjamin Dauvergne2 weeks  gadjo-1.61.tar.gz  gadjo-1.61.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters2 months  gadjo-1.60.tar.gz  gadjo-1.60.tar.bz2  Paul Marillonnet2 months  gadjo-1.59.tar.gz  gadjo-1.59.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters3 months  gadjo-1.58.tar.gz  gadjo-1.58.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters4 months  gadjo-1.57.tar.gz  gadjo-1.57.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters4 months  gadjo-1.56.tar.gz  gadjo-1.56.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters5 months  gadjo-1.55.tar.gz  gadjo-1.55.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters5 months  gadjo-1.54.tar.gz  gadjo-1.54.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters6 months  gadjo-1.53.tar.gz  gadjo-1.53.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
14 hoursci: upgrade isort (#74044)HEADmainFrédéric Péters1-1/+1
32 hoursmisc: stay on FontAwesome 4.x (#74015)Frédéric Péters1-1/+1
2023-01-17css: sync grid with publik-base-theme (inputs & never-alone) (#73506)v1.62Frédéric Péters1-7/+16
2022-12-23ci: only build package for bullseye (#72729)Frédéric Péters1-2/+2
2022-11-30scss: sync some form elements with publik-base-theme (#71886)v1.61Frédéric Péters1-15/+31
2022-11-09accessibility: focus on error message at form submission (#71073)v1.60Paul Marillonnet1-1/+1
2022-10-31style: add a new "button group" style (#70871)v1.59wip/70871-button-groupFrédéric Péters2-1/+23
2022-10-26ci: update pyupgrade to 3.1.0 (#70693)Frédéric Péters1-1/+1
2022-10-13style: add padding and solid white background to tab container (#70203)v1.58Frédéric Péters1-0/+4
2022-10-11style: add some adjustments for printing (#70138)Frédéric Péters1-0/+12