Gestion de prise de rendez-vous

Updated 44 seconds ago

Uniform access to data sources and services

Updated 2 minutes ago

Édition riche

Updated 2 minutes ago

Gestion de contenu

Updated 17 minutes ago

Plate-forme parlementaire d'échange de documents

Updated 23 minutes ago

Fedict authentication plugin for Authentic2

Updated 25 minutes ago

Création et gestion de démarches en ligne

Updated 1 hour ago

Authentic plugin for the Wallonie Connect usecase

Updated 2 hours ago

Intégrations graphiques

Updated 19 hours ago

Updated 21 hours ago

Versatile identity management server

Updated 23 hours ago

Portail d’administration

Updated 23 hours ago

Facturation et paiement

Updated 23 hours ago

Base templates for management interfaces

Updated 1 day ago

Free software C library wich implements SAML 2.0 and Liberty Alliance standards

Updated 3 days ago

store and link JSON documents

Updated 6 days ago

Simple REST app as a Key value storage interface

Updated 7 days ago

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 1 week ago