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Corentin Sechet 2023-03-04 18:28:44 +01:00
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.eslintrc.yml Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,131 @@
browser: true
es2017: true
extends: eslint:recommended
sourceType: module
- "gadjo/static/js/gadjo.js"
# Follow Standard JS guidelines : https://standardjs.com/rules.html, except rules
# annotated with a 'custom' comment
# Linting
array-callback-return: error
constructor-super: error
eqeqeq: [error, always, {null: ignore}]
handle-callback-err: error
no-array-constructor: error
no-caller: error
no-class-assign: error
no-cond-assign: error
no-const-assign: error
no-control-regex: error
no-debugger: error
no-delete-var: error
no-dupe-args: error
no-dupe-class-members: error
no-dupe-keys: error
no-duplicate-case: error
no-duplicate-imports: error
no-empty-character-class: error
no-empty-pattern: error
no-eval: error
no-ex-assign: error
no-extend-native: error
no-extra-boolean-cast: error
no-fallthrough: error
no-func-assign: error
no-global-assign: error
no-implied-eval: error
no-inner-declarations: error
no-invalid-regexp: error
no-iterator: error
no-labels: error
no-new-func: error
no-new-object: error
no-new-require: error
no-new-symbol: error
no-new-wrappers: error
no-new: error
no-obj-calls: error
no-octal-escape: error
no-octal: error
no-proto: error
no-redeclare: error
no-regex-spaces: error
no-return-assign: error
no-self-assign: error
no-self-compare: error
no-sequences: error
no-shadow-restricted-names: error
no-sparse-arrays: error
no-template-curly-in-string: error
no-this-before-super: error
no-throw-literal: error
no-undef: error
no-unexpected-multiline: error
no-unmodified-loop-condition: error
no-unneeded-ternary: error
no-unreachable: error
no-unsafe-finally: error
no-unsafe-negation: error
no-unused-vars: error
no-use-before-define: [error, {functions: false, variables: false, classes: false}]
no-useless-call: error
no-useless-computed-key: error
no-useless-constructor: error
no-useless-escape: error
no-var: error
no-with: error
use-isnan: error
valid-typeof: error
# Style / Formatting
accessor-pairs: error
block-spacing: error
brace-style: [error, 1tbs, {allowSingleLine: true}]
camelcase: error
comma-dangle: [error, always-multiline] # custom : Adding a dangling comma make patches shorter
comma-spacing: error
comma-style: error
curly: [error, multi-line]
dot-location: [error, property]
eol-last: [error, always]
func-call-spacing: error
indent: [error, 2]
key-spacing: error
keyword-spacing: error
max-len: [error, {code: 110}] # custom: configured like this on python projects
new-cap: [error, { newIsCap: true, capIsNew: false}]
new-parens: error
no-extra-parens: [error, functions]
no-floating-decimal: error
no-irregular-whitespace: error
no-lone-blocks: error
no-mixed-spaces-and-tabs: error
no-multi-spaces: error
no-multi-str: error
no-multiple-empty-lines: error
no-tabs: error
no-trailing-spaces: error
no-undef-init: error
no-useless-rename: error
no-whitespace-before-property: error
object-property-newline: [error, { allowMultiplePropertiesPerLine: true }]
one-var: [error, never]
operator-linebreak: [error, before]
padded-blocks: [error, never]
quotes: [error, single]
rest-spread-spacing: error
semi-spacing: error
semi: [error, never]
space-before-function-paren: error
space-in-parens: error
space-infix-ops: error
space-unary-ops: error
spaced-comment: error
template-curly-spacing: error
wrap-iife: [error, any]
yield-star-spacing: [error, {after: true, before: true}]

.gitignore vendored
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@ -6,5 +6,6 @@

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@ -25,3 +25,10 @@ repos:
rev: v0.1
- id: pre-commit-debian
- repo: https://github.com/pre-commit/mirrors-eslint
rev: v8.36.0
- id: eslint
files: \.m?js$
types: [file]
args: [--fix]