BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian-squeezeremove cron, clean_sessions is obsoleteThomas NOEL7 years
debian-wheezyremove cron, clean_sessions is obsoleteThomas NOEL7 years
hotfix/v4.2hobo_notify: search role only by uuid, not name (#35158)Thomas NOEL2 years
hotfix/v4.22workflows: migrate fields on load (#36915)Frédéric Péters2 years
hotfix/v4.40misc: add support for lazy password fields (#38882)Frédéric Péters23 months
hotfix/v4.46tests: adapt to absolute URI for user forms (#39630)Frédéric Péters22 months
hotfix/v4.56saml2: fix user lookup when there's no connexion time (#40045)Frédéric Péters21 months
hotfix/v5.18tox: mention pillow only onceFrédéric Péters17 months
hotfix/v5.24workflows: set bo fields to empty value only if value before compute is empty...Thomas NOËL16 months
hotfix/v5.51snapshots: save disk space by not automatically saving big objects (#47297)Frédéric Péters14 months
hotfix/v5.6debian: make sure a UTF-8 locale is set for cronjobs (#43490)Frédéric Péters18 months
hotfix/v5.70misc: check templates are strings (#48504)Frédéric Péters12 months
hotfix/v5.75forms: evaluate existing drafts before creating a new one (#48904)Frédéric Péters12 months
hotfix/v5.84formdata: only ignore form_var_* from workflow data (#49463)Frédéric Péters11 months
hotfix/v5.96general: always post-process complex values (#50202)Frédéric Péters10 months
hotfix/v6.18sql: don't use data_class() to get table name for relations (#52147)Frédéric Péters8 months
hotfix/v6.27forms: use widget name (not field id) to get file upload widgets (#52357)Frédéric Péters8 months
hotfix/v6.33misc: fix rendering of legacy themes (#52885)Frédéric Péters8 months
hotfix/v6.54workflows: fix status reassignment after deletion (#54493)Frédéric Péters6 months
hotfix/v6.62fields: don't cast items fields values to string (#54976)Serghei Mihai5 months
hotfix/v6.66misc: use iterator to load data when getting used files (#55200)Frédéric Péters5 months
hotfix/v6.7misc: check converting any value is possible before trying it in filter (#51117)Frédéric Péters9 months
mainfields: fix live prefill for item fields with carddef datasource (#57877)Lauréline Guérin2 days
misc/id-matchingadapt nfkd filter to actual input stringsPaul Marillonnet17 months
qommon-for-authentic1admin/translations: add a text area to translate any messageBenjamin Dauvergne8 years
v2012.3afterjob.js: remove debugging statement (fix #3150)Thomas NOEL8 years
wip/13621-remove-prefill-and-display-from-workflow-variablesworkflows: exclude prefill & display option from workflow option fields (#13621)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/13670-auto-enable-geolocationmisc: auto-enable geolocation when there's such an action in workflow (#13670)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/14085-varnamed-only-generated-documentsworkflows: allow attach a generated document without showing it in history (#...Thomas NOEL3 years
wip/14279-ezt-boolmisc: add support for boolean values in ezt (#14279)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/18197-saml-head-assertion-consumersaml: do not do anything on HEAD calls to assertion consumer (#18197)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/20262-stats-on-waitingbackoffice: allow filtering form stats on "waiting" status (#20262)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/20721-invalid-ezt-formisc: don't break on incomplete ezt "for" expression (#20721)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/20849-repr-workflow-itemworkflows: add details to workflow action __repr__ output (#20849)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/21731-attachment-relative-pathmisc: reference attachments using a relative path (#21731)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/21991-management-accessgeneral: add category-based management access (forms/cards/workflows) (#21991)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/24430-users-deleted-flagusers: add cronjob to delete users (#24430)Benjamin Dauvergne2 months
wip/25086-store-last-context-in-logged-errorslogged_errors: store last occurence error context (#25086)Thomas NOËL4 months
wip/26423-remove-variables-formdef-when-emptyworkflows: clean variables formdef when it has no fields (#26423)Frédéric Péters3 days
wip/27154-default-zoom-levelmisc: add settings for default map zoom level (#27154)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/28309-dont-autosave-in-previewmisc: do not call autosave on preview pages (#28309)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/31942-wipe-excludectl: add --exclude option to wipe-data (#31942)Emmanuel Cazenave3 years
wip/33589-connect-dbnamesql: use dbname parameter for connecting to database (#33589)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/36037-datasource-notypedata_sources: do not crash on unknown source type (#36037)Paul Marillonnet2 years
wip/36752-fc-attr-verification-bypassedWIP strip seemingly unnecessary attribute verification bypassPaul Marillonnet2 years
wip/36977-django-email-backendmisc: use Django's EmailBackend (#36977)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/37512-none-role-idworkflows: don't try to load a role with None as id (#37512)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/38579-Mapping-de-workflow-en-mode-postmisc: remap statuses in a transaction (#38579)Benjamin Dauvergne5 weeks
wip/38746-bo-table-field-on-pickle-lazyfields: allow pickle-lazy on bo table vairiables (#38746)Nicolas ROCHE23 months
wip/38852-Evaluation-live-des-formulaires-tests: check longer dependency chain in workflow form (#38852)Benjamin Dauvergne23 months
wip/39096-dont-log-in-pending-formsmisc: don't record errors when evaluating roles for pending bar (#39096)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/41674-input-type-for-readonly-date-timesforms: use date/time input types for readonly values (#58350)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/42428-Prise-en-compte-du-flag-is-activsessions: unlog inactive users (#42428)Benjamin Dauvergne17 months
wip/42675-lazy-variables-for-emailsmisc: use lazy variables when rendering email contents (#42675)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/42676-lazy-variables-rendering-fieldsmisc: use lazy variables when rendering field widgets (#42676)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/43384-jump-compute-timeout-errorsjump: log timeout compute errors (#43384)Thomas NOEL18 months
wip/43614-move-post-formdata-to-advanced-wscall-optionsworkflows: move down legacy "POST formdata" webservice action option (#43614)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/45039-b-nrn-validationmisc: add belgian national register number validation (#45039)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/45758-submission-unknown-nameidsubmission: warn when an anonymous form is created if nameid is unknown (#45758)Thomas NOËL2 months
wip/46617-map-data-as-dictionarygeneral: switch map field value to be a dictionary (#46617)Frédéric Péters14 months
wip/46672-after-job-completion-statusmisc: display after job progression (#46672)Lauréline Guérin3 months
wip/46989-dynamic-custom-data-sourcesgeneral: add support for dynamic custom views data sources (#46989)Frédéric Péters13 months
wip/47045-passerelle-sms-errorworkflows: mark sms transmission errors (#47045)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/47066-list-as-mapfields: use new map marker selection widget in front (#47066)Frédéric Péters11 months
wip/47154-workflow-final-status-displaybackoffice: display note about endpoint situation of status (#47154)Frédéric Péters7 months
wip/47310-workflow-browse-modelsworkflows: don't overwrite document models when browsing snapshots (#47310)Frédéric Péters13 months
wip/47418-access-to-schema-apiapi: limit /schema API to signed or authenticated calls (#47418)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/47715-blocks-on-condition-pageblocks: allow 2nd page post condition on blocks (#47715)Nicolas ROCHE13 months
wip/47740-sticky-attachments-linksstick attachments links to backoffice when shown on backoffice (#47704)Thomas NOEL13 months
wip/48678-add-items-options-for-radioforms: add item options for radio buttons (#48678)Serghei Mihai12 months
wip/48805-custom-from-feature-flagworkflows: hide custom from email action option behind a feature flag (#48805)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/49538-wscall-record-errors-more-morewscall: returns computed url and query on call_webservicesThomas NOEL11 months
wip/49948-complex-and-filtersmisc: monkeypatch FilterExpression to handle complex datas (#49948)Frédéric Péters11 months
wip/50459-card-filtered-on-user-data-sourcecards: add preset datasources for cards filtered on user (#50459)Frédéric Péters10 months
wip/50615-process-inputs(do not merge) run tox against quixote 3.3Frédéric Péters10 months
wip/50795-structured-workflow-form-dataworkflows: store workflow form data for structured acces (#50795)Frédéric Péters86 min.
wip/51484-rename-file-filtermisc: add |rename_file filter (#51484)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/52064-prefill-datefields: fix live prefill for date fields (#52064)Lauréline Guérin5 weeks
wip/52236-ellipse-comment-on-form-snapadmin: ellipsize field labels on snapshot comments (#52236)Nicolas ROCHE7 months
wip/52653-ignore-criterias-on-id-lookupcards: ignore custom view criterias when looking up on id (#52653)Frédéric Péters8 months
wip/53253-api-forms-with-evo-attachmentsapi: add attachment evolution parts to json (#53253)Nicolas ROCHE7 months
wip/53506-order-by-fieldgeneral: extend |order_by to support sorting on fields (#53506)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/53673-early-draftforms: keep track of draft id earlier on (#53993)Frédéric Péters6 months
wip/53960-workflow-restore-errorsnapshots: do not fail on workflow import error (#53960)Lauréline Guérin3 months
wip/54032-email-to-lazyworkflows: fix display of email action recipients with computed value (#54032)Frédéric Péters6 months
wip/54131-filefield-set-invalid-valuefields: fix file field prefill with wrong value (#54131)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/54380-check-hobocheck_hobo: delete orphan idp from configuration (#54380)Emmanuel Cazenave4 weeks
wip/54930-timeout-template-human-timeworkflows: allow generated timeout to be in "human time" (#54930)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/54935-shortcutbackoffice: add link to management page (#54935)Lauréline Guérin3 months
wip/55041-api-forms-include-draftsapi: add support for a include-drafts parameter to /api/forms/ (#55041)Frédéric Péters5 months
wip/55173-api-card-digestapi: use custom digest for carddata view if defined (#55173)Lauréline Guérin3 months
wip/55410-use-everybody-as-emptyworkflows: use "everybody" as empty label for message/comment actions (#55410)Frédéric Péters5 months
wip/55494-card-summary-statuscards: don't display status on summary (#55494)Lauréline Guérin4 months
wip/55571-provisionning-spooler-afterjobmisc: use uwsgi spooler when provisionning through http (#55571)Emmanuel Cazenave4 months
wip/55629-crash-invalid-mapwidget-valuewidgets: do not crash on invalid mapwidget value (#55629)Paul Marillonnet4 months
wip/55632-inspect-enhance-function-displaybackoffice: adapt inspect page to note when a function is the default (#55632)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/55771-digestsdatasource: don't fail if digests are not defined (#55771)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/55812-conditions-in-inspect-viewbackoffice: format conditions in workflow inspect view (#55812)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/55858-api-formdata-submit-auth-http-basicapi: add basic auth support to forms submit (#55858)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/55871-datasource-full-urlbackoffice: add validity check for datasource URLs (#55871)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/55891-computed-data-filtergeneral: add support for filtering on computed data fields (#55891)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/55940-users-data-source-attributesmisc: give access to attributes of users taken from data source (#55940)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/55945-workflow-categoriesgeneral: add categories for workflows (#55945)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/55951-category-remove-selfcategories: reset associated object on removal (#55951)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/55960-remove-session-bind-to-ip-optionmisc: remove unused option to bind a session to an IP address (#55960)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/55970-lock-by-deleted-userbackoffice: don't lock if lock was acquired by deleted user (#55970)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/55972-tests-remove-pickles-templatestests: stop running admin/backoffice tests with django front mode (#55972)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/55977-get-expression-allow-pythonmisc: make allow_python=False parameter effective in get_expression() (#55977)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/55978-disable-python-conditionsmisc: option to disable python expressions (#55978)Lauréline Guérin3 months
wip/56016-portfolio-logger-les-erreurs-de-portfolio: log payload on error (#56016)Benjamin Dauvergne3 months
wip/56022-delete-carddefcarddef: check usage in formdef before deletion (#56022)Lauréline Guérin3 months
wip/56043-always-quote-csvmisc: always quote cells in CSV files (#56043)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/56089-filter-by-one-of-valuesvariables: handle filtering lists by any of values (#56089)Serghei Mihai8 weeks
wip/56095-live-timetableforms: make /live return extended attributes to timetable fiels (#56095)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/56105-site-options-booleansmisc: add custom behaviour for booleans in [variables] (#56105)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/56118-disabled-fieldsmisc: add option to disable some fields (#56118)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56122-global-action-timeout-tracingworkflows: fix tracing of global action timeouts (#56122)Frédéric Péters4 months
wip/56159-items-template-prefillmisc: allow items fields to be prefilled by template (#56159)Frédéric Péters7 weeks
wip/56205-La-recherche-sur-un-champ-date-esql: fix serialization of dates with 2-digits years (#56205)Benjamin Dauvergne3 months
wip/56205-dates-leading-zerobackoffice: ignore filter dates with leading 0 (#56205)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56228-display-roleworkflow: display role name on graph and inspect page (#56228)Lauréline Guérin3 months
wip/56275-workflow-categories-site-import-exportmisc: add workflow categories to site export/import (#56275)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56276-management-view-labelsbackoffice: use different labels to management view for forms/cards (#56276)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56350-close-checkboxes-tagmisc: properly close input tag in readonly checkboxes widget (#56350)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56374-dynamic-view-datasource-criteratests: add test for dynamic custom views data sources (#56374)Nicolas ROCHE2 months
wip/56400-live-items-hide-disabledfields: fix live items with disabled (#56400)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56408-collectstaticcollectstatic: do not crash on broken link (#56408)Emmanuel Cazenave3 months
wip/56435-fix-autocomplete-without-sessionfields: fix display_value without sessions but autocomplete mode (#56435)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56476-logged-error-expirationlogged-errors: remove old errors (#56476)Lauréline Guérin3 months
wip/56489-pylint-upgrademisc: fix pylint errors with 2.10.2 version (#56489)Lauréline Guérin3 months
wip/56501-api-forms-filtered-userapi: adjust /api/forms/ to consider filtered user over signature user (#56501)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56507-check-condition-signatureworkflows: adapt check_condition method signature in jump action (#56507)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56518-extend-api-user-other-usersapi: add status filter to /api/user/forms (#56518)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56533-workflow-categories-ordermisc: add support for manual ordering to workflow categories (#56533)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56534-remove-360-user-viewbackoffice: remove user view (#56534)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56556-many-objects-behind-linkswf: form_links_whatever can contain many items (#56556)Lauréline Guérin4 weeks
wip/56597-disable-croncron: enable DISABLE_CRON_JOBS for a specific tenant (#56597)Emmanuel Cazenave2 months
wip/56611-form_linkswf: LazyFormDataLinksItems object for links substitution (#56611)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56612-simplify-linkswf: simplify form_links_whatever, expose 'form' only (#56612)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56613-deprecate-attachmentswf: mark direct usage of "attachments" as deprecated (#56613)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56614-filter-value-same-identifiermisc: extend |filter_by to work with fields with non-unique varname (#56614)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/56639-api-forms-remove-include-flagsapi: remove include-{drafts,own} flags from /api/forms/ (#56639)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56640-comment-in-summaryfields: display page with single comment in summary (#56640)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56656-form-actions-displaybackoffice: workflow action form div and padding (#56656)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56690-api-formdef-auth-http-basicapi: add basic auth support to formdefs (#56690)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56698-overwrite-vs-custom-viewsbackoffice: overwrite shared custom views (#56698)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56764-template-errorformdata: don't fail on digest template generation (#56764)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56788-formdef-only-allow-one-warningadmin: warning on only_allow_one field (#56788)Lauréline Guérin8 weeks
wip/56802-remove-display-exception-settingssettings: remove option to set exception display style (#56802)Frédéric Péters2 months
wip/56802-remove-html-tracesmisc: remove option for detailed HTML output of traces (#56802)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/56824-set-valueforms: redisplay page when datasource is unavailable (#56824)Benjamin Dauvergne5 days
wip/56832-do-not-log-on-migging-targetsexternal_workflow: do not record error on missing target (#56832)Thomas NOËL3 months
wip/56847-external-action-on-multiple-objectsworkflows: allow queryset as id for external workflow action (#56847)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/56908-api-users-forms-auth-http-basicapi: add basic auth support to users/xxx and users/xxx/forms (#56908)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56931-api-status-anonymiseapi: fix formdata status with anonymise on (#56931)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/56955-doc-add-import-csv-api-descriptiondoc: add import_csv API description (#56955)Thomas NOËL5 weeks
wip/56980-fix-datasource-formuladatasource: fix get_items on wrong formula (#56980)Lauréline Guérin8 weeks
wip/57009-fts-unidecodesql: switch fts normalization to unidecode (#57009)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/57017-Locker-quelque-chose-pendant-lessql: lock wcs_meta table during schema update (#57017)Benjamin Dauvergne2 months
wip/57036-page-duplicatebackoffice: duplicate page and subfields (#57036)Lauréline Guérin6 weeks
wip/57066-filter-by-on-list-of-dictstemplatetags: make filter_by/filter_value works on list of dicts (#57066)Thomas NOËL2 months
wip/57106-fix-undefined-variablemisc: fix undefined variable 'e' (#57106)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/57118-directly-apply-schema-changesgeneral: directly apply formdef/carddef schema changes (#57118)Frédéric Péters2 months
wip/57131-role-id-integermisc: add backward-compatibility support for role id as integer (#57131)Frédéric Péters2 months
wip/57157-inspect-human-type-namesbackoffice: display "human" type names in inspect page (#57157)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/57200-empty-function-listmisc: do not create variables for undefined functions (#57200)Frédéric Péters2 months
wip/57237-email-to-role-userwf: send mail to user function (#57237)Lauréline Guérin8 weeks
wip/57251-order-field-itemsfields: possibility to order items of Item(s)Field (#57251)Lauréline Guérin5 weeks
wip/57260-remove-some-feature-flagsmisc: remove complex-data site option (#57260)Lauréline Guérin8 weeks
wip/57299-snapshotsnapshot: store a patch instead of serialization (#57299)Lauréline Guérin6 weeks
wip/57319-fix-snapshot-navsnapshots: fix navigation links on fields page (#57319)Lauréline Guérin8 weeks
wip/57354-adjust-error-summarieserrors: limit length and remove newline characters from summaries (#57354)Frédéric Péters2 months
wip/57355-change-workflow-alter-columnsadmin: use accessor when changing workflow (#57355)Frédéric Péters2 months
wip/57361-fix-provision-apiapi: fix handling of query string and errors in provision API (#57361)Frédéric Péters2 months
wip/57364-reply-toemails: pass reply_to as list (#57364)Frédéric Péters2 months
wip/57366-admin-category-not-foundadmin: don't fail if category does not exist (#57366)Lauréline Guérin7 weeks
wip/57439-empty-function-listmisc: ignore empty functions in formdata (#57439)Emmanuel Cazenave8 weeks
wip/57493-adjust-error-summarymisc: truncate and remove newline characters from summary earlier (#57493)Frédéric Péters8 weeks
wip/57501-snapshot-variablessnapshot: workflow variables are not editable (#57501)Lauréline Guérin7 weeks
wip/57506-role-many-users-variableformdata: form_role variables & user-function (#57506)Lauréline Guérin6 weeks
wip/57510-only-pass-sane-addresses-to-email-backendmisc: only pass sane addresses to email backend (#57510)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/57524-snapshot-fields-orderingsnapshot: fields are not sortable (#57524)Lauréline Guérin7 weeks
wip/57540-import-zip-internal-idformdef: don't try preserving internal_identifier in SQL mode (#57540)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/57573-redirect-plus-removeworkflows: consider redirect URL over remove/abort URL (#57573)Frédéric Péters8 weeks
wip/57596-gettext-f-stringsafterjobs: don't use f-string in gettext calls (#57596)Frédéric Péters8 weeks
wip/57604-cron-logsmisc: more logs for some cron jobs (#57604)Lauréline Guérin5 weeks
wip/57622-newline-simple-tagmisc: introduce a {% newline %} tag (#57622)Frédéric Péters8 weeks
wip/57623-sql-ne-pas-iterer-ligne-par-lignsql: define an adapted itersizeBenjamin Dauvergne8 weeks
wip/57625-admin-data-accessbackoffice: always open Cards section to admins (#57625)Frédéric Péters8 weeks
wip/57720-invalid-file-in-workflow-variablesmisc: do not crash on invalid file value in workflow variables (#57720)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/57750-global-action-jump-to-current-tatusworkflows: play actions if jumping to current status from global action (#57750)Frédéric Péters7 weeks
wip/57753-import-all-errorsworkflows: report all missing things in one time (#57753)Lauréline Guérin2 weeks
wip/57792-suppor-for-multiple-address-autocompletion-widgetsgeolocation: add support for multiple address autocompletion widgets (#57792)Serghei Mihai10 days
wip/57860-prefill-checkboxfields: fix live prefill for checkbox fields (#57860)Lauréline Guérin6 weeks
wip/57872-event-in-trace-historybackoffice: include all event lines in trace history (#57872)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/57877-prefill-itemfields: fix live prefill for item fields with carddef datasource (#57877)Lauréline Guérin2 days
wip/57880-do-not-store-invalid-card-idmisc: do not store unknown value in item field using a card datasource (#57880)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/57914-repr-null-criteriastorage: do not fail __repr__ for criterias without value (#57914)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/57953-cards-svgbackoffice: svg of carddefs relations (#57953)Lauréline Guérin4 weeks
wip/57962-assign-actionmisc: merge allow_python and django_only optionsLauréline Guérin3 days
wip/57963-card-inverse-relationsformdefs: store reverse relations on form/carddefs (#57963)Lauréline Guérin2 days
wip/57970-jobs-api-base-directoryapi: let /api/jobs/ base directory return a 404 (#57970)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/57993-delete-category-popupbackoffice: open delete category confirmation in a popup (#57993)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/57999-smtp-exception-messageemails: adjust generic smtp error exception text (#57999)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/58013-Iterer-sur-les-ids-au-lieu-d-utisql: use batch iteration on ids instead of named cursors (#58013)Benjamin Dauvergne5 weeks
wip/58027-sortable-readonlyworkflows: include disabled handle (for layout) on readonly workflows (#58027)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/58070-honor-email-backendmisc: honor EMAIL_BACKEND if a SMTP server is configured (#58070)Emmanuel Cazenave4 weeks
wip/58140-file-raw-url-inspectmisc: expose _raw and _url suffixes to file fields (#58140)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/58165-fix-jsjs: fix item adding/ordering and element index (#58165)Lauréline Guérin5 weeks
wip/58207-autosave-peut-sauver-des-donneesformdef: do not load data from item's widgets with errors (#58207)Benjamin Dauvergne5 weeks
wip/58208-formulaire-un-autosave-peut-se-tforms: prevent autosave from overwriting session's data (#58208)Frédéric Péters5 days
wip/58208-limit-session-changes-in-autosaveforms: prevent autosave from overwriting session's data (#58208)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/58217-backoffice-no-autosavebackoffice: disable autosave for backoffice submission (#58217)Frédéric Péters3 weeks
wip/58226-test-jump-trigger-presence-before-deny-accesswf/jump: respond 404 on non-existing trigger, on all HTTP methods (#58226)Thomas NOEL4 weeks
wip/58240-snapshot-missing-rolesnapshot: fix view/restore workflow on missing role (#58240)Lauréline Guérin2 weeks
wip/58241-wf-backoffice-fields-concurrent-changes-same-lengthworkflows: check backoffice fields changes using identifiers (#58241)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/58253-lazy-is-emptymisc: add support for lazy variables to |is_empty (#58253)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/58276-js-autosaveforms: abort autosave after 200 ms (#58276)Benjamin Dauvergne5 days
wip/58292-card-select-with-integer-valuefields: return item card id field value as a string (#58292)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/58316-date-prefill-string-fieldfields: add support for converting date value to string field (#58316)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/58368-svg-card-linksbackoffice: add links to carddef in graph (#58368)Lauréline Guérin2 weeks
wip/58437-snapshot-parse-errorsnapshot: fix serialization with patch applied (#58437)Lauréline Guérin2 weeks
wip/58448-api-card-relationsapi: expose card relations in schema (#58448)Lauréline Guérin2 days
wip/58450-blockdef-minblocks: default_items configuration (#58450)Lauréline Guérin2 weeks
wip/58488-forbid-uppercase-in-slugsmisc: forbid uppercase in slugs (#58488)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/58497-getlist-itemsformdata: make "in" operator on items field check both id and text (#58497)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/58532-access-import-errormisc: only check access rights if there no other import errors (#58532)Frédéric Péters2 weeks
wip/58647-do-not-notify-deleted-usernotification: do not notify deleted user (#58647)Serghei Mihai11 days
wip/58668-email-dot-domainemails: skip localpart@.domain invalid adresses (#58668)Frédéric Péters11 days
wip/58688-templatetags-unaccent-on-lazytemplatetags: handle lazy values on unaccent filter (#58688)Thomas NOEL10 days
wip/58739-import-errorbackoffice: better formdef/workflow import error display (#58739)Lauréline Guérin2 days
wip/58798-snapshot-diffsnapshot: show differences between 2 versions (#58798)Lauréline Guérin8 days
wip/58808-bleachmisc: switch html cleanup to bleach (#58808)Frédéric Péters32 hours
wip/58852-thumbs-file-existsmisc: fix mkdir race condition in thumbnails (#58852)Lauréline Guérin2 days
wip/58877-submit-api-transient-formdataapi: add a transient formdata to evaluated submitted fields (#58877)Frédéric Péters5 days
wip/58886-ds-orderingbackoffice: change datasource sections ordering (#58886)Lauréline Guérin2 days
wip/58892-duplicate-page-no-fields-no-popupbackoffice: do not ask for confirmation when duplicating empty pages (#58892)Frédéric Péters5 days
wip/58913-computed-data-with-data-sourcefields: add support for card data sources to computed fields (#58913)Frédéric Péters2 days
wip/5895-tryauthmisc: auth/tryauth/forceauth with get params (#5895)Lauréline Guérin2 months
wip/58950-delete-tenant-dbnamectl: update delete_tenant error message for new db arg name (#58950)Frédéric Péters2 days
wip/58985-no-block-cache-in-picklefields: do not store cached block in pickle (#58985)Frédéric Péters2 days
wip/58990-Le-proxy-data-source-ne-renvoie-datasources: use extended_data_source in DataSourcesSubstitutionProxy (#58990)Benjamin Dauvergne3 days
wip/59010-pylintpylint: disable use-implicit-booleaness-not-comparison (#59010)Lauréline Guérin3 days
wip/59048-card-svg-computed-fieldbackoffice: computed data with datasource in cards graph (#59048)Lauréline Guérin2 days
wip/6108-add-not-criteria-for-storagestorage: add Not criteria (#6108)Serghei Mihai8 weeks
wip/8882-direct-links-to-page-fieldsbackoffice: add direct links from preview to page fields (#8882)Frédéric Péters4 weeks
wip/admin-tests-splittests: split admin form pages test into their own moduleFrédéric Péters16 months
wip/alfortvilleWIP/ sidepageFrédéric Péters7 years
wip/alternate-file-storageupload jpg to get thumbnailsThomas NOEL22 months
wip/checkboxes-tplwip: CheckboxesWidget correctionsElias Showk3 years
wip/djangoforms: use a template to render select widgets (#17964)Frédéric Péters4 years
wip/django-22misc: make sure redirect URLs are real stringsFrédéric Péters20 months
wip/futuremisc: use global evaluation dictionary when evaluating data sources (#16978)Frédéric Péters4 years
wip/get-roles-translation-refactor-to-listmisc: replace get_role_translation() with a get_function_roles() method (#.....)Frédéric Péters7 months
wip/jenkins-check-blackbreaking blackFrédéric Péters10 months
wip/json-with-files-contentooops... revert a bad css test pushed in 08e2d240bThomas NOEL6 years
wip/latest-pylinttox: get latest pylint and pylint-django (#.....)Frédéric Péters21 months
wip/misc-fredbackoffice: remove support for .xls export (#8230)Frédéric Péters6 years
wip/pin-pylinttox: pin pylint to <2.10 (2.10.1 is hanging)Frédéric Péters3 months
wip/pylint-morebuild: update pylint to disable errors by code, not numberFrédéric Péters8 months
wip/pylint-no-init-hooktrivial: add pylint disable comment for deprecated-module warningFrédéric Péters8 months
wip/pylint-too-many-xxxpylint: enable some too-many-xxx checks globally (with a few overrides)Frédéric Péters5 months
wip/python3-part2tox: add build dependencies (#36515)Frédéric Péters2 years
wip/readonly-validationfields: never display time in date field (#43811)Frédéric Péters18 months
wip/setuptoolsJenkinsfile: setup SETUPTOOLS_USE_DISTUTILS envvar to stdlibBenjamin Dauvergne15 months
wip/tests-close-filestests: use context manager to load file contentsFrédéric Péters7 months
wip/transfer-form-value(try) remove some request.form hacksFrédéric Péters18 months
wip/users-in-functionsmisc: allow adding users to functions (#.....)Frédéric Péters5 months
wip/widget-listform: extend widget list to compute list of children and new options (#.....)Frédéric Péters18 months