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Available configuration options for /etc/glasnost/config
General options
(under [Misc])
# Show debugging information when an error occurs. (boolean, default: false)
Debug = false
# Show special information for debugging TAL
DebugTAL = false
# Save profiling informations
Profiling = false
# How many minutes should the cache held files? (default: 15)
CacheTime = 15
# Expiration time for user session (default: 120)
ExpirationTime = 120
# Use buffered requests (boolean, default: false) (experimental)
UseBufferedRequests = false
# Disable spellchecking (used in preview for textarea)
DisableSpellchecking = false
# Define the directory to look for .py files when not found in DocumentRoot
# (WARNING: no trailing slash)
WebDirectoryPath =
# Cache files? (boolean, default: false)
CacheFiles = false
Per dispatcher options
It is possible to customize several options on a per dispatcher basis,
for example:
AdminEmailAddress = fred@localhost
DataDirectoryPath = /var/vhosts/go-there/glasnost-data/
ScriptDirectoryPath = /var/vhosts/go-there/glasnost-scripts/
TalExtensionsDirectoryPath = /var/vhosts/go-there/glasnost-extensions/
TemplateDirectoryPath = %(vardir)s/templates
Per virtual host options
It is possible to set some general options to apply only when processing
some host:
Debug = true
UseHTTPS = false
The available options are:
Define if Glasnost should cache page results in some circumstances (user
not logged, no active session...) (default: false)
Define (in minutes) how long cached files should stay in cache.
(default: 15)
Show debugging information when an error occurs. (default: false)
(default: false)
Disable spellchecking (used in <textarea> previews). (default: false)
Define how online help links should be rendered; possible values are:
local (suppose help is available on the same site), internet (create
links to and none (no links are created).
Default is "internet".
Dumps profiling informations into /tmp/
(default: false)
Define the server roles for which the whole list should appear in SelectId
<select> widgets (instead of the last visited objects).
Buffer requests so the whole response is sent to the web browser when it is
ready (opposed to serving content as soon as it is available).
(default: false)
Define if the site should switch to HTTPS when user logs in.
(default: false)
Define an additional path where to look for .py files after site
DocumentRoot and before Glasnost-wide WebDirectoryPath.
Per server options
Gateway specific option
Public port of the gateway (eg 8000), which is redirected by the firewall
to the real ServerPort of the gateway (eg 8001).