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= Installation =
* Requrie: rsyslog, logrotate and iptables
* make install
* Move /etc/firewall/firewall.conf.template to /etc/firewall/firewall.conf
* Configure /etc/firewall/firewall.conf
= Usage =
First test your rules:
eofirewall test
Then you need to load this new rules:
eofirewall start
Finally you need to save this new rules:
eofirewall save
Other options :
eofirewall clean: this will remove eofirewall rules
eofirewall flush: this will remove all iptables rules
eofirewall load|restore: this will load your last saved rules
= Debian =
Debian package provides an init scripts (/etc/init.d/eofirewall)
/etc/init.d/eofirewall start: this will load your last saved rules
/etc/init.d/eofirewall stop: this will clean eofirewall rules