Versatile identity management server
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Authentic 2 - Versatile Identity Server

Authentic 2 is a versatile identity management server aiming to address a
broad range of needs, from simple to complex setups; it has support for many
protocols and can bridge between them.

Authentic 2 supports many protocols and standards, including SAML2, CAS,
LDAP, X509 and OAUTH2.

Authentic 2 is under the GNU AGPL version 3 licence.

It has support for SAMLv2 thanks to `Lasso <>`_,
a free (GNU GPL) implementation of the Liberty Alliance and OASIS
specifications of SAML2.

Authentic 2 requires Python 2.7 and Django 1.7.

Full documentation available on,
maintained in a distinct repository


* SAML 2.0 Identity and service provider
* Server CAS 1.0 and 2.0 using a plugin
* Standards authentication mechanisms:

    * Login/password through internal directory or LDAP
    * X509 certificate over SSL/TLS

* Protocol proxying
* Support of LDAP v2 and v3 directories
* Support of the PAM backend
* One-time password (OATH and Google-Authenticator) using a plugin
* Identity attribute management
* Plugin system


First of all, you can boot Authentic vwithout root
privileges  like this:

# Initialize a virtualenv::

    virtualenv authentic
    source ./authentic/bin/activate
    cd authentic

# Install Authentic::

    pip install

# Initialize the database migrations:: syncdb --migrate

# Run the HTTP test server:: runserver

   Version 2.2.0 is the first version supporting only Django 1.7, if you are
   using a previous one you must first upgrade to 2.1.12 before tempting
   upgrade to a release later than 2.2.0.

Code Style

black is used to format the code, using thoses parameters:

    black --target-version py37 --skip-string-normalization --line-length 110

There is .pre-commit-config.yaml to use pre-commit to automatically run black
before commits. (execute `pre-commit install` to install the git hook.)

isort is used to format the imports, using those parameter:

    isort --profile black --line-length 110

pyupgrade is used to automatically upgrade syntax, using those parameters:

    pyupgrade --keep-percent-format --py37-plus

djhtml is used to automatically indent html files, using those parameters:

    djhtml --tabwidth 2

django-upgrade is used to automatically upgrade Django syntax, using those parameters:

    django-upgrade --target-version 3.2

There is .pre-commit-config.yaml to use pre-commit to automatically run these tools
before commits. (execute `pre-commit install` to install the git hook.)


Authentic's developpers and users hangs on the mailing list
See archives or register at

You can "open": bug
reports or feature request on this site.

Entr'ouvert also provides a commercial support. For information, see


Authentic is copyrighted by Entr'ouvert and is licensed through the GNU Affero
General Public Licence, version 3 or later. A copy of the whole license text
is available in the COPYING file.