BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainfeeder: store truncated temp schema's name (#50835)Benjamin Dauvergne4 weeks
masterfeeder: write new model file after schema renaming (#42320)Serghei Mihai7 weeks
wip/14297-Pouvoir-faire-des-stats-sur-le-ptests: wip add tests with bijoeBenjamin Dauvergne17 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  wcs-olap-1.44.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.44.tar.bz2  Benjamin Dauvergne4 weeks  wcs-olap-1.43.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.43.tar.bz2  Benjamin Dauvergne4 weeks  wcs-olap-1.42.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.42.tar.bz2  Benjamin Dauvergne6 weeks  wcs-olap-1.41.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.41.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters7 weeks  wcs-olap-1.40.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.40.tar.bz2  Serghei Mihai3 months  wcs-olap-1.39.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.39.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters5 months  wcs-olap-1.38.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.38.tar.bz2  Thomas NOEL6 months  wcs-olap-1.37.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.37.tar.bz2  Benjamin Dauvergne8 months  wcs-olap-1.36.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.36.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters8 months  wcs-olap-1.35.tar.gz  wcs-olap-1.35.tar.bz2  Benjamin Dauvergne9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-02-04feeder: store truncated temp schema's name (#50835)HEADv1.44mainBenjamin Dauvergne1-3/+4
2021-02-03misc: remove SQL objects in order to use less locks (#43108)v1.43Benjamin Dauvergne1-2/+39
2021-01-21do not use count to compute emptyness of formdef (#50368)v1.42Benjamin Dauvergne3-3/+12
2021-01-11feeder: write new model file after schema renaming (#42320)v1.41masterSerghei Mihai1-4/+5
2020-12-26build: update to use origin/mainFrédéric Péters1-2/+2
2020-12-17use truncate_pg_identifier on fields and table names (#48684)Benjamin Dauvergne1-7/+4
2020-11-26feeder: try to cast digit string fields with numeric value only (#48426)v1.40Serghei Mihai2-2/+3
2020-09-25misc: accept duplicate fields with the same type (#42429)v1.39Benjamin Dauvergne4-15/+64
2020-09-24trivial: use https to download wcs for tests (via #46904#note-2)Frédéric Péters1-1/+1
2020-09-01tox: tell setuptools to use distutils from stdlib (#46252)v1.38Valentin Deniaud1-0/+1