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* fixed error page on unauthorized access to service providerFrederic Peters2009-04-142-4/+18
* raise an error on unknown collectivity, and handle that one.Frederic Peters2009-04-142-106/+113
* stop unauthorized user right on IdP (beo#267)Frederic Peters2009-04-062-591/+613
* merge + completed translationFrederic Peters2009-04-032-473/+556
| * Place la configuration et scripts LDAP dans un répertoire.Benjamin Dauvergne2009-03-172-475/+561
* translationFrederic Peters2008-08-292-138/+262
* translation updateFrederic Peters2008-08-282-220/+421
* fixed setting up password on agent creationFrederic Peters2008-05-132-134/+134
* correctly setting password on new agents, and summary screenFrederic Peters2008-05-092-18/+82
* avoid duplicates when adding agentsFrederic Peters2008-05-092-168/+245
* translation updatFrederic Peters2008-05-091-107/+156
* fixed translationFrederic Peters2008-03-071-1/+1
* completed translationFrederic Peters2008-03-052-140/+206
* concordance between subscribed services and what is shown on login pageFrederic Peters2008-03-032-136/+318
* translationFrederic Peters2008-01-182-60/+76
* added translation supportFrederic Peters2008-01-183-0/+520