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* do not consider empty brains (#4550)HEADmasterFrédéric Péters2014-03-241-1/+1
* do not fail on non-string missing value (#4535)Frédéric Péters2014-03-241-1/+1
* proper messagingPatrick Gerken2013-08-171-1/+1
* bump versionLaurence Rowe2013-07-012-1/+4
* Prepare plone.formwidget.contenttree 1.0.7.Laurence Rowe2013-07-012-2/+2
* Merge pull request #12 from lentinj/masterJamie Lentin2013-06-293-1/+30
| * Add some documentation on the sources availableJamie Lentin2013-06-291-1/+21
| * Some binder instances for use with plone.supermodel schemasJamie Lentin2013-06-282-0/+9
* Ignore missing valuesGaudenz Steinlin2013-06-062-0/+4
* Revert "feat(templates) Add support for plone.formwidget.autocomplete 2.0"Patrick Gerken2013-05-222-8/+1
* feat(templates) Add support for plone.formwidget.autocomplete 2.0Patrick Gerken2013-05-152-1/+8
* Get travis to test against Plone 4.3rc1.Daniel Widerin2013-03-121-2/+2
* Update travis fileDaniel Widerin2013-03-121-1/+1
* Add css and js registry installation testsDaniel Widerin2013-03-122-0/+44
* Switch to Widerin2013-03-128-23/+74
* Update gitignore fileDaniel Widerin2013-03-121-1/+19
* Add jenkins configDaniel Widerin2013-03-121-0/+9
* Add travisDaniel Widerin2013-03-122-0/+31
* Add buildoutDaniel Widerin2013-03-124-7/+228
* Remove tabs in README.txtDaniel2013-03-121-44/+44
* Merge pull request #10 from plone/ebrehault-13465-list-all-contentsEric BREHAULT2013-03-062-0/+10
| * remove portal_type criteria according a widget attribute (True by default)Eric BREHAULT2013-03-052-0/+11
| * update HISTORY.txtEric BREHAULT2013-03-041-0/+2
| * remove portal_type criteria when searching for contentsEric BREHAULT2013-03-011-3/+0
* Merge pull request #6 from plone/fix_reopened_overviewDavid Glick2012-11-172-3/+8
| * Added check in tree generation if it allready exists (reopening the contenttr...philippe.gross2012-11-122-3/+8
* Back to developmentLaurence Rowe2012-09-282-1/+4
* Prepare plone.formwidget.contenttree 1.0.6.Laurence Rowe2012-09-282-2/+2
* Use object id as context may not be hashable.Laurence Rowe2012-09-281-3/+3
* Tweak CSS to use outline instead of border.Laurence Rowe2012-09-272-1/+5
* Avoid theming ajax response.Laurence Rowe2012-09-272-0/+5
* Ensure context is a content item of some sort.Laurence Rowe2012-09-274-44/+61
* import getSite from zope.component to avoid dependency on
* import ViewPageTemplateFile from zope.browserpage to avoid dependency on zope...hvelarde2012-09-192-1/+6
* Merge pull request #5 from plone/translations_updateLukas Graf2012-09-0710-59/+121
| * Added french translation.philippe.gross2012-09-062-0/+43
| * Adjust translation of label_contenttree_browse, and updated all po files.philippe.gross2012-09-048-60/+54
| * Revert "Updated translations"philippe.gross2012-09-047-47/+72
* Updated translationsFranklin Kingma2012-08-257-72/+47
* Added changes to HISTORY.txtFranklin Kingma2012-08-251-0/+6
* Use ajax fetch for initial contentFranklin Kingma2012-08-251-1/+0
* Use a ajax fetch for initial call, hardcoded for nowFranklin Kingma2012-08-251-0/+1
* Trigger change handler to work with auto-insert in datagridFranklin Kingma2012-08-252-1/+2
* Use ajax fetch for initial contentFranklin Kingma2012-08-251-2/+3
* Use a ajax fetch for initial call, hardcoded for nowFranklin Kingma2012-08-254-27/+28
* Merge pull request #3 from plone/fix_display_urlLukas Graf2012-08-073-3/+14
| * Fix url in display templates, so that it uses absolute urls.philippe.gross2012-07-253-3/+14
* pep8 & Fix term title genration to use the brain id if there is not brain titleJoscha Krutzki2012-07-098-33/+58
* changed historyGiorgio Borelli2012-06-141-0/+3
* added italian translationGiorgio Borelli2012-06-141-0/+43