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* sassw: fix watching over sourcesFrédéric Péters2021-01-171-1/+3
* sassw: add support for building multiple filesFrédéric Péters2021-01-151-19/+25
* shot them all: fix filename for horizontal mobilesFrédéric Péters2020-02-171-1/+1
* shot them all: remove unused json importFrédéric Péters2020-02-171-1/+0
* shot them all: don't print helpFrédéric Péters2020-02-171-1/+0
* shot them all: use argparse to make it more genericFrédéric Péters2019-12-011-22/+65
* shot them all: close browser when exitingFrédéric Péters2019-12-011-0/+2
* shot them all: update sizes add mobile/horizontal screenshotFrédéric Péters2019-12-011-2/+4
* add hobo script to shot all themesFrédéric Péters2019-11-191-0/+38
* sassw: fix detection of main scss fileFrédéric Péters2019-08-271-1/+1
* sassw: use current directory as defaultFrédéric Péters2019-08-271-1/+1
* sassw: let handle text encodingFrédéric Péters2019-08-251-4/+5
* sassw: write errors to css file, like ruby-sassFrédéric Péters2019-08-251-1/+14
* sassw: accept directory as parameterFrédéric Péters2019-08-231-0/+6
* sassw: switch elapsed time to use an f-stringFrédéric Péters2019-08-231-2/+1
* sassw: include time taken for rebuilding cssFrédéric Péters2019-08-231-1/+4
* sassw: get events correctly when launched from a path != scss pathFrédéric Péters2019-08-231-1/+2
* add wrapper script adding inotify support to sasscFrédéric Péters2019-08-201-0/+38