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* Server utility returns list of providers supporting endpoint typeJohn Dennis2015-08-241-0/+1
* Add server utility lasso_server_get_endpoint_url_by_id()John Dennis2015-08-241-0/+1
* Export LassonNode to SOAP with arbitrary SOAP headersJohn Dennis2015-08-241-0/+1
* Add LassoNode objects for ECP and PAOSJohn Dennis2015-08-242-0/+40
* Add new LassoSoapEnvelope constructor, lasso_soap_envelope_new_full()John Dennis2015-08-241-0/+1
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* Documentation: add new AssertionQuery methods to documentationBenjamin Dauvergne2010-06-101-0/+2
* Core: add method lasso_server_set_encryption_private_key_with_passwordBenjamin Dauvergne2010-06-101-0/+1
* Add new lasso_log_set_handler and lasso_log_remove_handler functionsFrederic Peters2010-06-091-0/+7
* SAML 2.0 Helper: add lasso_saml2_assertion_set_one_time_useBenjamin Dauvergne2010-05-011-0/+1
* Add a lasso_profile_get_signature_status methodBenjamin Dauvergne2010-05-011-0/+1
* Fix documentation problemsBenjamin Dauvergne2010-04-191-6/+0
* Ameliorate support for lasso_profile_set_signature_verify_hintBenjamin Dauvergne2010-04-161-0/+2
* Docs: add/remove symbols from lasso-sections.txtBenjamin Dauvergne2010-04-061-1/+2
* ID-WSF 2.0 Data Service: new accessor, fix use of build_unique_id, change ini...Benjamin Dauvergne2010-04-061-0/+1
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* Add signature_verify_hint accessor methods to LassoProfileBenjamin Dauvergne2010-03-271-0/+2
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* SAML 2.0: add more accessors for ConditionsBenjamin Dauvergne2010-02-221-0/+4
* Documentation: add example to LassoLogout, fix bad markup in id-wsf-2.0/profi...Benjamin Dauvergne2010-02-171-2/+2
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* Documentation: fix typos in saml2_strings.h documentation, add new string sym...Benjamin Dauvergne2010-02-101-1/+28
* Docs: reorder sections in chapter "Lasso Architecture"Benjamin Dauvergne2010-02-101-2/+2
* Propagate change of name for LASSO_PP_ definesBenjamin Dauvergne2010-02-101-2/+2
* ID-WSF: remove useless new_from_message methodsBenjamin Dauvergne2010-02-011-24/+0
* ID-WSF 1.0 & 2.0: complete lasso-sections.txt, add internal API to access SOA...Benjamin Dauvergne2010-01-261-0/+18