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Docs: change the doc production and lot of other fixes
* lasso/ distribute * docs/references/lasso/ add missing class (mainly SAML2 and ID-WSF 1.0/2.0) from docs/references/ * lasso/xml/strings.h: add lots of documentation, or at least documentation template to strings constants. * id-ff/login.h: * saml-2.0/assertion_query.h: * xml/xml.h: document undocumented enumerations. * lasso/errors.h: add proper documentation about error codes. * lasso/errors.c: new version of the lasso_strerror function * lasso/ update the script that generater lasso_strerror from the documentation comments. Remove usage of OFTYPE * lasso/id-ff/session.c: * lasso/id-ff/session.h: remove usage of oftype, prefer gtk-introspection annotations instead. * lasso/id-wsf/data_service.h: * lasso/id-wsf/data_service.c: do the same. Add a script to build lasso-sections.txt * lasso/ this script parses header files and generated lasso-sections.txt content for GObject class descriptions. Add a template file for the lasso-section.txt file * docs/references/ this file serves as a base for the generation of lasso-sections.txt Update docs/references/ for generating lasso-sections.txt * docs/references/ always rebuild template, using out of source build directory is too weird without it. call new script to regenerate lasso-sections.txt if header files changed. Update lasso.sgml file with all missing sections * docs/reference/lasso.sgml: add all missing sections, mainly objects from XML schemas. * docs/reference/lasso-sections.txt: update it * *.c: add section documentation to some files. * lasso/xml/strings.h: fix bad usage or docbook markup
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-dnl -*- mode: autoconf -*-
-# serial 1
-dnl Usage:
-dnl GTK_DOC_CHECK([minimum-gtk-doc-version])
- AC_BEFORE([AC_PROG_LIBTOOL],[$0])dnl setup libtool first
- AC_BEFORE([AM_PROG_LIBTOOL],[$0])dnl setup libtool first
- dnl for overriding the documentation installation directory
- AC_ARG_WITH([html-dir],
- AS_HELP_STRING([--with-html-dir=PATH], [path to installed docs]),,
- [with_html_dir='${datadir}/gtk-doc/html'])
- HTML_DIR="$with_html_dir"
- dnl enable/disable documentation building
- AC_ARG_ENABLE([gtk-doc],
- AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-gtk-doc],
- [use gtk-doc to build documentation [[default=no]]]),,
- [enable_gtk_doc=no])
- if test x$enable_gtk_doc = xyes; then
- ifelse([$1],[],
- [PKG_CHECK_EXISTS([gtk-doc],,
- AC_MSG_ERROR([gtk-doc not installed and --enable-gtk-doc requested]))],
- [PKG_CHECK_EXISTS([gtk-doc >= $1],,
- AC_MSG_ERROR([You need to have gtk-doc >= $1 installed to build gtk-doc]))])
- fi
- AC_MSG_CHECKING([whether to build gtk-doc documentation])
- AC_MSG_RESULT($enable_gtk_doc)
- AM_CONDITIONAL([ENABLE_GTK_DOC], [test x$enable_gtk_doc = xyes])