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[NEWS] improve 2.4.0 release notes
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2.4.0 - June 6th 2011
-93 files changed, 32160 insertions(+), 607 deletions(-)
+189 commits, 420 files changed, 42834 insertions, 3770 deletions
Minor version number increase since ABI was extended (new methods).
@@ -67,12 +67,35 @@ Minor version number increase since ABI was extended (new methods).
for the classic xsi:type attribute.
+ - xmldsig:X509Data node now possess a binding as a Lasso object. You can use
+ it combined with the new class LassoSaml2KeyInformationDataType to use the
+ holder-of-key subject confirmation method.
- The perfs benchmarking tools now allows to select a different metadata set
(for example to test with different public key sizes).
- Perl minimal version for the binding was downgraded to 5
- pseudo-XSchema validation: the new XML deserializer does more to enforce
constraints of the schema defining SAML messages. It means Lasso is less
forgiving with non-conform implementation of SAML.
+ - thin-sessions mode: A new flag was added named thin-session, you can set it
+ using lasso_set_flag("thin-sessions") or by setting the LASSO_FLAG
+ environement variable to the string "thin-sessions". The effect of this flag
+ is to remove complete storage of assertions in the LassoSession object,
+ which was made mainly to support logout and the artifact binding for ID-FF
+ 1.2. A new thinner structure is used for supporting logout, and ID-FF 1.2
+ can now use the same storage mechanism as the SAML 2 implementation for the
+ artifact binding (i.e. using lasso_profile_get_artifact_message after
+ artifact generation and lasso_profile_set_artifact_message before artifact
+ retrieval).
+ - better initialization and access to SessionIndex in logout requests:
+ LassoSession now store all generated SessionIndex for a session using a
+ small structure, using it the LassoLogout profile can now initialize
+ LassoLogout message with all of them, now need to implement this
+ functionnalitý in your service or identity provider anymore.
+ - new LassoKey object: this new class was introduced to simplify management of
+ keys when using shared key signature. But you can also use it to load
+ assymetric keys. In the future it should gain API to do XML signature and
+ encryptiong independently of any SAML 2.0 or ID-FF 1.2 exchange. Providing
+ the first simple binding of libxmlsec to Python.
- a FAQ file was started.