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* [MPP-56] remove option test and add new get plaine if form and wfwip/50391-indusNicolas Hislaire2021-03-112-116/+112
* [MPP-7] only use the nrn of the parent to get childrenNicolas Hislaire2021-03-103-2/+8
* Merge branch 'master' into wip/50391-indusNicolas Hislaire2021-03-100-0/+0
| * [MPP-56] add new wscall get available plainesNicolas Hislaire2021-03-091-0/+17
| * [MPP-53] install in passerelle settings.d if file is not existingNicolas Hislaire2021-03-051-1/+1
* | [MPP-7] recreate get available plaines wscall & fix extra dashNicolas Hislaire2021-03-104-2/+26
* | lintBenoit Suttor2021-03-051-5/+1
* | feat: push deb to test apt repo if you are not on master branchBenoit Suttor2021-03-052-1/+20
* | [MPP-7] update versionNicolas Hislaire2021-03-032-1/+7
* | remove obsolete filesFrédéric Péters2021-02-265-257/+230
* | use publik-imio-industrialisationFrédéric Péters2021-02-268-199/+9
* | adapt shipped files to publik-imio-industrialisationFrédéric Péters2021-02-264-0/+42
* [MPP-53] update version to 0.1.9Nicolas Hislaire2021-02-042-1/+9
* [MPP-53] add passerelles if missingNicolas Hislaire2021-02-042-0/+18
* [MPP-53] use RN to get children in comboNicolas Hislaire2021-02-041-2/+2
* [MPP-53] Rename datasource questions in healthsheet's workflow, as datasource...Nicolas Hislaire2021-02-041-1/+1
* [MPP-53] update versionNicolas Hislaire2021-02-042-1/+10
* [MPP-53] add missing doctors datasourceNicolas Hislaire2021-02-031-0/+9
* [MPP-53] remove hardcoded urlsNicolas Hislaire2021-02-014-8/+8
* [MPP-50] use correct slug for redirection user to healthsheetNicolas Hislaire2021-01-281-1/+1
* [MPP-43] remove userless webservice action to use wcs webservice instead and ...Nicolas Hislaire2021-01-281-58/+13
* [MPP-50] redirect user to healthsheet after child registration submit and cle...Nicolas Hislaire2021-01-281-20/+24
* [MPP-9] overall updates from Chaudfontaine and Staging2Nicolas Hislaire2021-01-252-1/+10
* [MPP-11] update register yourself as a parent processNicolas Hislaire2021-01-252-97/+130
* Merge branch 'master' into busterNicolas Hislaire2021-01-2510-178/+808
| * [MPP-10] update child registration processNicolas Hislaire2021-01-252-54/+166
| * [MPP-14] update the process register my child for mealsNicolas Hislaire2021-01-252-46/+40
| * [MPPMSGA-158] Make healtsheet mandatory to register a child for a vacancy plainNicolas Hislaire2021-01-071-23/+42
| * [MPPMSGA-93] use child_id as parameter instead of id for wscall aes_get_healt...Nicolas Hislaire2021-01-061-2/+2
| * [MPP-20] update healsheet WF from the export of Mont-Saint-Guibert as it was ...Nicolas Hislaire2020-12-071-49/+340
| * [MPPCAUA-13] rollback WF idNicolas Hislaire2020-12-071-1/+1
| * [MPPCAUA-13] send only cancellable mealsNicolas Hislaire2020-12-071-33/+58
| * [MPPCAUA-19] set childtypeid to 1Nicolas Hislaire2020-12-071-1/+1
| * [MPP-12] add form, a wf and a wscall to unsuscribe a child from mealsNicolas Hislaire2020-11-163-0/+189
* | [TELE-695] update version & changelogDaniel Muyshond2020-10-162-1/+7
* | [TELE-659] Debian buster branch init (Jenkins)Daniel Muyshond2020-10-091-2/+2
* [MPPCAUA-21] fix WS call in form 'Inscrire mon enfant aux repas' fieldsNicolas Hislaire2020-09-103-2/+10
* [MPPCAUA-20] do not use a webservice if we are in the form factoryNicolas Hislaire2020-09-091-1/+1
* [MPPCAUA-16] remove #Nicolas Hislaire2020-08-313-2/+8
* [MPPCAUA-16] refactor datasource deployement, fix readme and changelogNicolas Hislaire2020-08-314-14/+34
* [MPPCAUA-15] Remove existing alphanumeric roles IDs in workflow-aes-enregistr...Nicolas Hislaire2020-08-283-3/+11
* replace imio-town-street references with imio-ts-aes in readmeNicolas Hislaire2020-08-281-2/+2
* update CHANGESChristophe Boulanger2020-07-292-2/+8
* Remove wscalls aes_test_menu because, adapt aes_get_menu to choice if we're i...Christophe Boulanger2020-07-292-14/+3
* update CHANGESChristophe Boulanger2020-07-282-2/+12
* Update meals form : Use wscalls to get meals menu (instead of named datasourc...Christophe Boulanger2020-07-281-15/+19
* Add 2 new wscalls (get meals menu and test meals menu)Christophe Boulanger2020-07-282-0/+24
* Fix webservice calling + add wf variable to add a "test" form option.Christophe Boulanger2020-07-281-10/+29
* Update versionDaniel Muyshond2020-07-141-1/+1
* initialisationDaniel Muyshond2020-07-141-0/+8