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This file lists and explains the different components.


The extension, it holds the implementation of the various
commands and dialogs exposed in the OOo user interface.

It follows Python standard coding style except when required by OOo API (which
was created following Java coding style, e.g. it has reverse domain notation).


Conversion script from .legi to Open Document Format, based on XSL


Publication script from .legi to PDF, mix of Python code and XSL
transformations inherited from the docbook-xsl package.


Conversion script from Open Document Format to .legi, it is pure Python and
follows PEP-8. It has unit tests created using the unittest module.


Transformation script, taking a spreadsheet of several tables, listing actors
(e.g. deputies), and outputting the XML required by the addon.


SCGI server handling calls to various scripts, to provide remote support for
converting and transforming between formats.


Win32 client calling to the server to convert from .legi to Open Document
Format, as well as opening the resulting file.