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2.8.1 - February 28th 2023
- Major overhaul of OpenSSL API usage by using only the EVP API as the low
level API (RSA*, HMAC*) is deprecated.
- Fix wrong parsing of Count attribute on saml:ProxyRestriction, thanks to
Maxime Besson from Worteks.
- Perl: pass LDFLAGS to Makefile.PL
- Replace use of deprecated xmlSecBase64Decode by xmlSecBase64Decode_ex
- Fix overwrite of profile.signature_status in lasso_saml20_login_process_response_status_and_assertion
- Fix lot of GCC warnings
2.8.0 - March 15th 2022
22 commits, 585 files changed, 2448 insertions, 69478 deletions
* Removal of all win32 and ID-WSF related source code obsoleted a long time ago
* Improve choice of signature method and of allowed signature method (by Jakub
* Hrozek <>), it's now possible to completely forbid SHA1 for
* Change default RSA encryption padding to OAEP
* Fix: HMAC signature other than SHA1 (
* Fix: prevent multiple OneTimeUse elements
2.7.0 - June 1st 2021
36 commits, 45 files changed, 1945 insertions, 177 deletions
* CVE-2021-28091: Fix signature checking on unsigned response with multiple assertions
When AuthnResponse messages are not signed (which is
permitted by the specifiation), all assertion's signatures should be
checked, but currently after the first signed assertion is checked all
following assertions are accepted without checking their signature, and
the last one is considered the main assertion.
This patch :
* check signatures from all assertions if the message is not signed,
* refuse messages with assertion from different issuers than the one on
the message, to prevent assertion bundling event if they are signed.
* Python: improve display of warnings in the binding generator
* replace deprecated index() by strchr() (#51385)
* Fix: new provider reference count is incremented one time too many (#51420)
* docs: update gtk-doc-tools integration (#50441)
* bindings: disable java tests when java is disabled
* Fix: python3 bindings (#51249)
* disable java bindings
* build: update to use origin/main
* debian: add packaging for debian-buster
* build against all available python versions (#44287)
* python: do not leak out_pyvalue if method call protocol is not respected (#44287)
* python: do not raise in valid_seq() (#44287)
* python: return NULL if get_list_of_strings() fails (#44287)
* python: return NULL if get_list_of_pygobject fails (#44287)
* python: return NULL if get_list_of_xml_nodes fails (#44287)
* python: return NULL if set_list_of_pygobject fails (#44287)
* python: return NULL if set_list_of_xml_nodes fails (#44287)
* python: return NULL if set_list_of_strings fails (#44287)
* python: return NULL if set_hashtable_of_strings fails (#44287)
* python: return NULL if set_hashtable_of_pygobject fails (#44287)
* python: free internal string buffer if needed in set_list_of_strings (#44287)
* python: check if hashtable is NULL before deallocatio (#44287)n
* python: add a failure label to method wrappers (#44287)
* python: add macro for early return (#44287)
* python: remove newline before method call (#44287)
* python: simplify get_logger_object (#44287)
* python: fix warning about discarded const modifier (#44287)
* python: replace exception by warning on logging path (#44287)
* python: use simpler call format to prevent warning about PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN (#44287)
* python: remove deprecated PyErr_Warn (#44287)
* python: remove unused PyString_Size (#44287)
* python: Exception.message was removed in python3 (#45995)
* tools: reimplement xmlURIEscapeStr to respect RFC3986 (#45581)
* support php7 interpreter on CentOS 8 (#42299)
2.6.1 - April 22th 2020
42 commits, 425 files changed, 3894 insertions, 795 deletions
- Keep order of SessionIndexes
- Clear SessionIndex when private SessionIndexes is empty (#41950)
- misc: clear warnings about class_init signature using coccinelle
- tests: fix compilation with check>0.12 (#39101)
- Sort input file lists to make build deterministic (#40454)
- debian: disable php7 (#28608)
- Modify .gitignore for PHP 7 binding (#28608)
- Add PHP 7 binding (#28608)
- Fix tests broken by new DEBUG logs (#12829)
- Improve error logging during node parsing (#12829)
- Improve configure compatibility (#32425)
- Improve compatibility with Solaris (#32425)
- Fix reference count in lasso_server_add_provider2 (fixes #35061)
- Fix python multi-version builds on jessie and stretch
- docs: do not use Internet to fetch DTDs, entities or documents (#35590)
- fix missing include <strings.h> for index() (fixes #33791)
- PAOS: Do not populate "Destination" attribute (Dmitrii Shcherbakov)
- export symbol lasso_log (#33784)
- Do not ignore WantAuthnRequestSigned value with hint MAYBE (#33354)
- Use in extract_symbols/ (#33360)
- xml: adapt schema in saml2:AuthnContext (#29340)
- Fix ECP signature not found error when only assertion is signed (#26828)
- autoconf: search python interpreters by versions (John Dennis)
- python: make tools compatible with Py3 (John Dennis)
- python: run tests and tools with same interpreter as binding target (John Dennis)
- improve resiliency of lasso_inflate (#24853)
- fix segfault in lasso_get_saml_message (#24830)
- python: add classmethod Profile.getIssuer (#24831)
- website: add news about 2.6.0 release
- debian: sync with debian package (#24595)
- faq: fix references to lasso.profileGetIssuer (#24832)
- python: add a classmethod for lasso.profileGetIssuer (#24831)
- tools: fix segfault in lasso_get_saml_message (fixes #24830)
- add a make clean to prevent previous build to break new ones
- tools: set output buffer size in lasso_inflate to 20 times the input size (fixes #24853)
- Use python interpreter specified configure script
- Make Python scripts compatible with both Py2 and Py3
- fix duplicate definition of LogoutTestCase and logoutSuite
- Downcase UTF-8 file encoding name
- Make more Python scripts compatible with both Py2 and Py3
- Configure should search for versioned Python interpreter.
- Clean python cache when building python3 binding
- Move AC_SUBST declaration for AM_CFLAGS with alike (#24771)
- Remove -Werror from --enable-debugging (fixes #24771)
- xml: fix parsing of saml:AuthnContext (fixes #25640)
2.6.0 - June 1st 2018
32 commits, 73 files changed, 1920 insertions, 696 deletions
- add inline implementation of lasso_log
- Choose the Reference transform based on the chosen Signature transform (fixes #10155)
- add support for C14N 1.1 methods and C14N withComments methods (fixes #4863)
- remove DGME specific commented out code
- add docstring on SHA-2 signature method enum
- tests: silence unused variable warning
- check node names in lasso_node_impl_init_from_xml() (fixes #47)
- fix segfault when parsed node has no namespace (#47)
- do not call xmlSecKeyDuplicate is source key is NULL
- enable user supplied CFLAGS
- Fix ecp test validate_idp_list() (fixes #11421)
- tests: convert log level as string
- fix definitions of error, critical and warning macros (fixes #12830)
- add V=1
- add defined for the XML namespace
- ignore unknown attributes from the xsi: namespace
- saml-2.0: improve support for free content inside samlp2:Extensions (fixes #18581)
- debian: initialize stretch packaging with a copy of upstream debian (#21772)
- replace use of <xmlsec/soap.h> which is deprecated (fixes #18771)
- fix get_issuer and get_in_response_to
- route logs from libxml2 and libxmlsec through GLib logging
- tests: prevent crash in glib caused by abort on recursive logging
- java: stop setting a bytecode version target
- add xmlsec_soap.h to Makefile
- python: route logs for libxml2 and libxmlsec2 to their own logger
- perl: force use of the in-tree lasso when running tests (fixes #23276)
- perl: set DESTDIR and PREFIX at Makefile's creation
- Replace xmlSecSoap functions with lasso implementations
- add a pem-public-key runtime flag
- deprecate loading PEM formatted public keys in lasso_xmlsec_load_key_info
- perl/tests: build Makefile.perl before running the tests
2.5.1 - February 19th 2016
17 commits, 16 files changed, 1096 insertions, 42 deletions
- Add missing urn constants used in PAOS HTTP header
- Set NotBefore in SAML 2.0 login assertions
- tests: fix leak in test test16_test_get_issuer
- id-ff: fix leak of profile->private_data->message_id
- saml-2.0: fix leak of message_id in lasso_profile_saml20_build_paos_request_msg
- tests: fix leaks in test_ecp
- xml: fix wrong termination of comment
- xml: fix leak in lasso_soap_envelope_new_full
- profile: fix leak of private idp_list field
- saml-2.0: fix leaks of url
- tests: fix leak
- tests: update valgrind suppressions
- perl: remove quotes from $PERL -V::ccflags: output (#9572)
- Fix wrong snippet type (fixes #9616). Thanks to Brett Gardner for the patch.
- tools.c: use correct NID and digest length when building RSA signature using SHA-2 digest
(fixes #10019) Thanks to Brett Gardner for the patch.
- bindings/php5: fix enum getters and setters (fixes #10032). Thanks to Brett Gardner for the bug
- fix warning about INCLUDES directive
2.5.0 - September 2nd 2015
151 commits, 180 files changed, 8391 insertions, 1339 deletions
- lots of bugfixes (reported by static analysis tools like clang,
coverity and manual inspection) thanks to Simo Sorce and John Dennis from
- xsd:choices are now parsed correctly by implementing a real finite automata
for parsing XML documents. New flag for jumping forward and backward in
schema snippets have been added. It fixes parsing of message from third
party not following the ordre from the schema (they are entitled to do it but
most SAML implementations do not)
- added C CGI examples for SP and IdP side
- removed the _POSIX_SOURCE declaration
- added support for the SHA-2 family of hash functions
- fixed protocol profile selection when parsing AuthnRequest
- added support for Python 3, thanks to Houzéfa Abbasbhay from XCG Consulting
- fixed default value of WantAuthnRequestSigned in metadata parsing
- SAML 2.0 ECP is now functionnal, thanks to John Dennis from RedHat
- added two new API function to LassoProfile to extract the Issuer and
InResponseTo attribute of messages, allowing pre-treatment before parsing
the message, to load the metadata of the remote provider, or find the request
which the response matches.
- fixed segfault when parsing HTTP-Redirect marlformed base64 content
- added support for automake 1.15 (jdennis)
2.4.1 - August 28th 2014
56 commits, 35 files changed, 12590 insertions(+), 31117 deletions(-)
- fix bug #4455 runtime bug in perl binding on debian wheezy 32bits #
- fix warning on g_type_init() on GLib > 2.36
- lot of null pointer, boundary checks, and dead code removal after validation
using Coverity and Clang static analyzer (Simo Sorce)
- always set NotOnOrAfter on the Condition element
- fix pkg-config typo (Simon Josefsson)
- Python binding now conserve the order of session indexes values
- fix memory leaks
- Python bindings now automatically convert unicode values to UTF-8
2.4.0 - January 7th 2014
281 commits, 933 files changed, 45384 insertions, 6313 deletions
Minor version number increase since ABI was extended (new methods).
- Key rollover support:
Lasso is now able to accept messages signed by any key declared as a signing
key in a metadata and not just the last one. You can also decrypt encrypted
nodes using any of a list of private keys, allowing roll-over of encryption
certificates. Signing key roll-over is automatic, your provider just have to
provide the new signing key in their metadata. For multiple-encryption key
you can load another private key than the one loaded in the LassoServer
constuctor with code like that:
>>> import lasso
>>> server = lasso.Server(our_metadata, first_private_key_path)
>>> server.setEncryptionPrivateKey(second_private_key_path)
See the FAQ file for the workflow of a proper key roll-over.
- Partial logout response now produces a specific error code when parsed by
- Bugs in lasso_assertion_query_build_request_msg() were fixed
- Processing of assertions is not stopped when checking that first level
status code is not success, so that later code can check the second level
status code.
- A new generic error for denied request was added,
- A new API lasso_server_load_metadata() was added to load federation files
(XML files containing metadata from multiple providers) and to check
signatures on them.
- Better warning and errors are reported in logs when failing to load a
metadata file.
- Bugs around missing namespace declaration for dump file were fixed, it
prevented reloading dumped object (like LassoLogin).
- lasso_node_get_xml_node_for_any_type() must be able to copy the content of
an XML node to another (namespace, attribute and children). It did not, now
it is fixed. It can be used for example to add specific attribute like «
xsi:type="string" » to a Saml2AttributeValue. Here is a python snippet to do that:
>>> import lasso
>>> a = lasso.Saml2AttributeValue()
>>> a.setOriginalXmlnode('<Dummy xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="string">Value</Dummy>')
>>> print a.debug(0)
<saml:AttributeValue xmlns:saml="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:assertion" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="string">Value</saml:AttributeValue>
- support for symetric keys signatures: for a long time XMLDsig standard has
supported HMAC signature, or signature based on a shared secret key an hash
algorithm. Lasso now supports to share a key with another Lasso using
service or identity provider and to verify and sign SAML exchange using this
key. Performance can be 100 times more than with assymetric cryptography,
i.e. RSA.
- nodes able to hold any XML attribyte (like saml:AttributeValue) contains a
hashtable to for holding those attributes, those hashtable have a new syntax
for attributes of another namespace than the current node namespace,
inspired by the Python ElementTree library:
for the classic xsi:type attribute.
- xmldsig:X509Data node now possess a binding as a Lasso object. You can use
it combined with the new class LassoSaml2KeyInformationDataType to use the
holder-of-key subject confirmation method.
- The perfs benchmarking tools now allows to select a different metadata set
(for example to test with different public key sizes).
- Perl minimal version for the binding was downgraded to 5
- pseudo-XSchema validation: the new XML deserializer does more to enforce
constraints of the schema defining SAML messages. It means Lasso is less
forgiving with non-conform implementation of SAML.
- thin-sessions mode: A new flag was added named thin-session, you can set it
using lasso_set_flag("thin-sessions") or by setting the LASSO_FLAG
environement variable to the string "thin-sessions". The effect of this flag
is to remove complete storage of assertions in the LassoSession object,
which was made mainly to support logout and the artifact binding for ID-FF
1.2. A new thinner structure is used for supporting logout, and ID-FF 1.2
can now use the same storage mechanism as the SAML 2 implementation for the
artifact binding (i.e. using lasso_profile_get_artifact_message after
artifact generation and lasso_profile_set_artifact_message before artifact
- better initialization and access to SessionIndex in logout requests:
LassoSession now store all generated SessionIndex for a session using a
small structure, using it the LassoLogout profile can now initialize
LassoLogout message with all of them. It's not necessary to implement this
functionnalitý in your service or identity provider anymore.
- new LassoKey object: this new class was introduced to simplify management of
keys when using shared key signature. But you can also use it to load
assymetric keys. In the future it should gain API to do XML signature and
encryptiong independently of any SAML 2.0 or ID-FF 1.2 exchange. Providing
the first simple binding of libxmlsec to Python.
- Improvements to autoconf and automake files to compile under Darwin (Mac Os
X) and Fedora.
- a FAQ file was started.
- added API:
struct LassoDsX509Data { LassoDsX509DataPrivate* private_data }
struct LassoKey { LassoKeyPrivate* private_data }
struct LassoSaml2KeyInfoConfirmationDataType { LassoSaml2KeyInfoConfirmationDataTypePrivate* private_data }
LassoDsX509Data* lasso_ds_key_value_get_x509_data ( LassoDsKeyValue* key_value )
None lasso_ds_key_value_set_x509_data ( LassoDsKeyValue* key_value, LassoDsX509Data* x509_data )
const char* lasso_ds_x509_data_get_certificate ( LassoDsX509Data* x509_data )
const char* lasso_ds_x509_data_get_crl ( LassoDsX509Data* x509_data )
const char* lasso_ds_x509_data_get_subject_name ( LassoDsX509Data* x509_data )
GType lasso_ds_x509_data_get_type ( )
LassoDsX509Data* lasso_ds_x509_data_new ( )
None lasso_ds_x509_data_set_certificate ( LassoDsX509Data* x509_data, const char* certificate )
None lasso_ds_x509_data_set_crl ( LassoDsX509Data* x509_data, const char* crl )
None lasso_ds_x509_data_set_subject_name ( LassoDsX509Data* x509_data, const char* subject_name )
GType lasso_key_get_type ( )
LassoKey* lasso_key_new_for_signature_from_base64_string ( char* base64_string, char* password, LassoSignatureMethod signature_method, char* certificate )
LassoKey* lasso_key_new_for_signature_from_file ( char* filename_or_buffer, char* password, LassoSignatureMethod signature_method, char* certificate )
char* lasso_key_query_sign ( LassoKey* key, const char* query )
lasso_error_t lasso_key_query_verify ( LassoKey* key, const char* query )
xmlNode* lasso_key_saml2_xml_sign ( LassoKey* key, const char* id, xmlNode* document )
lasso_error_t lasso_key_saml2_xml_verify ( LassoKey* key, char* id, xmlNode* document )
GList* lasso_lib_logout_request_get_session_indexes ( LassoLibLogoutRequest* lib_logout_request )
None lasso_lib_logout_request_set_session_indexes ( LassoLibLogoutRequest* lib_logout_request, GList* session_indexes )
lasso_error_t lasso_provider_add_key ( LassoProvider* provider, LassoKey* key, gboolean after )
lasso_error_t lasso_provider_set_server_signing_key ( LassoProvider* provider, LassoKey* key )
int lasso_provider_verify_signature ( LassoProvider* provider, const char* message, const char* id_attr_name, LassoMessageFormat format )
GList* lasso_saml2_key_info_confirmation_data_type_get_key_info ( LassoSaml2KeyInfoConfirmationDataType* kicdt )
GType lasso_saml2_key_info_confirmation_data_type_get_type ( )
LassoNode* lasso_saml2_key_info_confirmation_data_type_new ( )
None lasso_saml2_key_info_confirmation_data_type_set_key_info ( LassoSaml2KeyInfoConfirmationDataType* kicdt, GList* key_infos )
gboolean lasso_saml_name_identifier_equals ( LassoSamlNameIdentifier* a, LassoSamlNameIdentifier* b )
lasso_error_t lasso_server_add_provider2 ( LassoServer* server, LassoProvider* provider )
lasso_error_t lasso_server_load_metadata ( LassoServer* server, LassoProviderRole role, const gchar* federation_file, const gchar* trusted_roots, GList* blacklisted_entity_ids, GList** loaded_entity_ids, LassoServerLoadMetadataFlag flags )
GList* lasso_session_get_assertion_ids ( LassoSession* session, const gchar* providerID )
GList* lasso_session_get_name_ids ( LassoSession* session, const gchar* providerID )
GList* lasso_session_get_session_indexes ( LassoSession* session, const gchar* providerID, LassoNode* name_id )
2.3.6 - November 29th 2011
2 commits, 2 files changed, 28 insertions, 2 deletions
* fix a bug when receiving a signature using the InclusiveNamespaces
PrefixList by copying namespace declaration from upper level at the level of
the signed node.
* fix compilation warning on recent version of GCC
2.3.5 - January 11th 2010
36 commits, 31 files changed, 240 insertions, 92 deletions
* add more backward compatible replacement for GHashTable methods (to compile
under centos5)
* a generic way to attach encryption parameters to LassoNode has been added, a
future major release should see the removal of specific field for storing
those parameters in node supporting encryption.
* The way we format encrypted node is now more compatible with Shibboleth and
I hope with other implementations: the KeyInfo is kept inside the
EncryptedData element, and not repeated inside a child of the EncryptedElement.
* Fixed: LASSO_SIGNATURE_VERIFY_HINT_FORCE did not force checking signature on
* Fixed: lasso_provider_get_first_http_method broke when an unknown binding
was found in an endpoint declaration
* Fixed: segfault when checking signature on logout responses (introduced in 2.3.4)
* SPNameQualifier is more set on subject NameID of assertions, as it should be
reserved for Affiliation members (and it broke shibboleth which only expect
this to be used for affiliation, wrongly I think).
* Conditions->notBefore/notOnOrAfter is motre setted by
lasso_login_build_assertion, only notOnOrAfter on SubjectConfirmationData,
which is more inline with the specification.
* the logout profile now use the session to initialize the NameID in requests,
not the identity. It allow to have a transient federation in the session but
a persistent one in the identity
* fixed support for the POST binding
* Fixed: it seems that strtol does not reset errno under Centos 5, we do it by hand.
Python binding:
* constructors now raise a lasso.Error instead of a simple Exception when failing
PHP5 binding:
* removed dependency upon an internal function of liblasso3
2.3.4 - Otober 8th 2010
21 commits, 18 files changed, 312 insertions, 58 deletions
* fix warning for compiling on Pardus and EL5
* the release tarball now contains the figures for the documentation
* lasso_login_process_authn_request documentation gained details on returned errors
* report unknown provider instead of an error on parameter value when
resolving and artifact in an assertionConsumer endpoint and the provider is
not registered into the server object.
* lasso_provider_get_assertion_consumer_url now use specific SAMLv2 methods
* fixed a bug in the ordering of indexed endpoints which produced error when
looking up the default assertion consumer. It also improved ordering in
presence of the attribute isDefault="false". A non-regression test was
added for this functionality.
* respect the signature verify hint when handling authn requests
2.3.3 - October 1st 2010
44 commits, 264 files changed, 858 insertions, 401 deletions
* Fixed a lot of memleaks thanks to valgrind, the greatest tool on earth (with
* Add missing annotation creating memleaks in python binding (on lasso_*_dump king of methods).
* Fix bad inclusion of an ID-WSF include file when ID-WSF support is not enabled
* Benchmarking program was updated to measure each part of a WebSSO
independently (AuthnRequest generation/processing, AuthnResponse
* Add new macro lasso_strisequal and lasso_strisnotequal to avoid errors with
strcmp. (Thanks to coccinelle semantic patches).
* Add uniform support for LassoProfileVerifySignatureHint for other profiles
than WebSSO.
* Report signature errors in response to NameIDNanagement requests
* Fix wrong use of macro lasso_foreach breaking the mecanism for finding a
default assertion consumer.
* Behaviour of lasso_login_build_assertion was modified:
- when the NameIDPolicy lacks a Format attribute or the Format attribute is
the unspecified format (see the spec for the corresponding URN). Now it
results in a transient nameid being generated. If you want it to be
persistent you must change it before calling this method.
- the setting of the SubjectConfirmationData->NotOnOrAfter attribute was
restored as it is mandated by the WebSSO profile. It's the same value as
* Fix missing initialization of Destination attribute on Samlp2StatusResponse
object for synchronous bindings (Redirect & Post)
2.3.2 - September 7th 2010
* Fix bug in increment of the libtool version info, increasing the SONAME
2.3.1 - September 7th 2010
31 commits, 23 files changed, 523 insertions, 356 deletions
* An ABI breakage was introduced in 2.3.0 with change of value for enumeration
compiled with previous version and dumps of server objects. This release fix
* SAMLv2 handling of the artifact binding for the WebSSO profile is now
simpler, no more dumping of the response nodes and signing at the artifact
building time, the final response is signed when the artifact is generated
and when unserialized later it is only manipulated as XML for not breaking
the signature. It fixes usage of ciphered private keys with the
HTTP-Artifact binding.
* SAMLv2 internal storage of endpoints was modified to better keep the
ordering between endpoints, which is espacially important for
AssertionConsumerService endpoints and difficult to implement well.
2.3.0 - July 21th 2010
391 commits, 332 files changed, 13919 insertions, 7137 deletions
So what's new ?
* Misc:
- a public key is no more mandatory for building a LassoProvider
- date parsing now conforms to XSD and ISO8601 specification,
especially with respect to milliseconds (they are just ignored, but
parsing do not fails now).
- the encryption private key can be loaded with a password (SAMLv2
support only)
- keep on replacing direct glib data structure manipulation function by
safer lasso macros.
- remove useless verbosity when there is already some error reporting
through method return value.
- add a signature_verify_hint parameter to all profiles, which can be
used to specify the policy for verifying signatures. The choices are:
- maybe, i.e. let Lasso decides,
- force, i.e. always verify, even when it is not needed by the spec,
- ignore, i.e. verify, but do not block processing on signature
verifications error.
- add a new snippet type: SNIPPET_COLLECT_NAMESPACES, to collect all
declared namespaces in the context of a node. It is needed for
interpreting a string value which depend on the locally declared
namespaces (like XPath queries).
- support full syntax for query strings (lasso missed support for
semi-colon separator between query string key-value pairs).
- make LassoServer load its public key like LassoProvider
- lasso_build_unique_id is now part of the public API
- add lasso_profile_sso_role_with to decide on the role we have toward
another provider (depending on the Identity, the Session or the
Server object in this order).
- add a lasso_node_debug method wich output a human friendly dump (i.e.
indented) of a serialized LassoNode, contrary to dump which returns a
computer friendly one (dump will conserve signature values, not
* SAMLv2:
- constraint on the number of SessionIndex value in a LogoutRequest was
worked-around (see
- full support for encrypted signing key (ID-FFv1.2 is coming in next
- The treatment of assertions consumer endpoints metadata was improved to be
what the specification says, i.e find the best default.
- lasso_assertion_query_build_request_msg now properly initialize the Subject
of the query from all possibles sources (first profile->nameIdentifier, then
from the identity dump and finally from the session).
- when a parsed Assertion contains a signature, we return the
original_xmlnode instead of serializing the LassoNode content when
calling lasso_node_get_xmlNode. This is in order to keep canonical
representation of signed assertions. The result is that parsed and
signed assertions should be considered read-only with respect to
- lasso_login_build_assertion no longer initialize sessionNotOnOrAfter,
it must be done explicitely by the IdP implementation. Only the
assertion lifetime is set by the arguments.
- when loading metadata for a provider, we verify that a role
descriptor exists for the prescribed role: i.e if you do
server.addProvider(lasso.PROVIDER_ROLE_SP, "metadata.xml"), lasso
checks that the metadata contain a descriptor for the role "SPSSO".
- new helper methods to manipulate and check conditions on
SAMLv2 assertions.
- move strings to their own header (but keep retro-compatibility
through inclusion in xml/strings.h).
* Bindings:
- improve general use of bindings/ module inside the bindings
to share type matching logic.
* Python binding:
- Glib warning are tunneled through python logging API
- camelcasing of uppercase starting fields for python and java bindings has
been fixed, old orthograph has been also kept for compatibility. The problem
could be seen on LassoAssertion object where the field ID was renamed iD
which was difficult to guess.
- node class now supports pickling by leveraging existing XML
serialization. It posseses the same limitations as the existing XML
serialization, for example serializing a LassProfile is not an
idempotent operation, it will miss the server, identity and session
- empty GList now return an empty tuple, not None (it fixes a lot
list traversal codes)
- do not forget to emit 'pass' in declaration of class without any
content (no method, no field, no constructor)
- the code to emit 'freeing' code for values was factorized and improved.
- for empty lists returns an empty pyhon list, not None.
* Perl binding:
- support for out parameters was added.
- better memory freeing
* Java binding:
- finished exception support for error returning methods.
- optimize the makefile for file listing generation
- for NULL GList returns an empty ArrayList object, not null.
* Documentation:
- add examples to LassoLogout documentation
- fix missing or deprecated methods in lasso-sections.txt
- document LassoIdWsf2Profile methods
- document runtime flags
* Tests:
- new macros to help in testing (see tests/tests.h), they also make
better error reporting (when comparing values, they show the expected
and the obtained value).
- SAMLv2 AuthnRequest through HTTP-Artifact binding is tested
- SAMLv2 LogoutRequest with multiple SessionIndex is tested
- force C locale for integration test (we match UI strings, so it is
- SAMLv2, test websso with encrypted private keys (idp and sp side)
- SAMLv2, add a python test for attribute authority
* ID-WSF 2.0:
- constant strings were moved to their own header
- add helper method to retrieve the bootstrap EPR from an assertion and
to mint assertion to use as WS-Security tokens.
- add method lasso_idwsf2_data_service_get_query_item_result_content to
retrieve DST query result as text
- sign SAMLv2 assertion used as WS-Security tokens
And many minor bug-fixes...
2.2.91 - January 26th 2010
A new Perl binding, fix for backward compatibility with old versions of glib,
LassoLogout API is more robust since it does not need anymore for all SP logout
to finish to work, new macro lasso_list_add_new_xml_node, add support for
WS-Security UsernameToken (equivalent of poor man HTTP Digest Authentication),
make public internal APIs: lasso_session_add_assertion,
lasso_session_get_assertion and lasso_session_remove_assertion.
2.2.90 - January 18th 2010
Lots of internal changes and some external one too.
There is a new api to force, forbid or let Lasso sign messages, it is called
Big overhaul of the ID-WSF 1 and 2 codes, and of the SAML 2.0 profiles. Now all
SAML 2.0 profile use common internal functions from the lasso_saml20_profile_
namespace to handle bindings (SOAP,Redirect,POST,Artifact,PAOS). New internal
API to load SSL keys from many more formats from the public API.
In ID-WSF 2.0, Data Service Template has been simplified, we no more try to
apply queries, it is the responsability of the using code to handle them.
In bindings land, the file bindings/ has been stuffed with utility
function to manipulate 'type' tuple, with are now used to transfer argument and
type description, their schema is (name, C-type, { dictionary of options } ),
they are now used everywhere in the different bindings. We support output
argument in PHP5, Python and Java, i.e. pointer of pointer arguments with are
written to in order to return multiple values. For language where the binding
convert error codes to exceptions (all of them now), the ouput value is
returned as the normal return value of the method, so only one output argument
is handled for now.
We now use GObject-introspection annotations in the documentation to transfer
to the binding generator the necessary metadata about the API (content of
lists, hashtables, wheter pointer are caller/callee owned, can be NULL or if
argument have a default value). The file bindings/override.xml is now
In documentation land, the main reference documentation was reorganizaed and
more symbols have been added to it. Many more functions are documented.
There is now tools to control the evolution of the ABI/API of Lasso.
2.2.2 - March 24th 2009
Many fixes and improvements to the ID-WSF 1 support, new API to load SSL keys
off memory, documentation for ID-WSF methods, general robustness and memory
leak fixes.
2.2.1 - July 22nd 2008
Fixed problems with signed SAML 2.0 URL strings and checks against existing
assertions to tell if authentication was required.
2.2.0 - May 28th 2008
Added support for encrypted NameIdentifier in ID-FF 1.2, fixed various minor
issues with ID-WSF support and several bugs and memory management issues; also
replaced bindings for Java, PHP 5 and Python with new ones, created by a custom
code generator.
2.1.1 - August 21st 2007
Added support for LassoSignatureType to bindings (support was already but
implicitely present for Python), fixed references to Node and String lists
in all bindings.
2.1.0 - August 13rd 2007
Added preliminary support for ID-WSF 2, Discovery and Data Service Template,
added missing accessors for class elements in SAML 2 language bindings, fixed
potential DoS in message parsing.
2.0.0 - January 16th 2007
Completed SAMLv2 support, passed conformance event organized by the Liberty
Alliance from December 4th to 8th 2006. Gratuitous giant version bump to
mark this step. Fixed memory leaks and potential segmentation faults.
1.9.9 - December 19th 2006
[Test version, news copied over to 2.0.0]
0.6.6 - October 16th 2006
Fixed issues in ID-WSF Data and Interaction services support, fixed a few
robustness issues in corner cases.
[This version was finally not released due to decision to first finish
SAMLv2 support and pass the conformance tests.]
0.6.5 - March 21st 2006
Fixed support for SWIG 1.3.28 (now required), fixed a win32 build issue, fixed
0.6.4 - March 8th 2006
Added first draft of ID-WSF Interaction Service support, added message
signatures to ID-WSF messages, added first draft of SAML 2 support (only
Web-SSO and part of Single Logout for the moment), fixed some corner cases,
improved error detection in different places, upgraded SWIG support to 1.3.28
and generally improved the bindings.
0.6.3 - September 30th 2005
Improved behaviour when confronted to other Liberty providers that do not
implement all the mandatory Liberty requirements, improved error status code
reporting, completed support for public keys embedded in metadata files, fixed
a few corner case bugs. Also continued work on ID-WSF support, implementing
Discovery and DST services but still considered experimental and disabled by
0.6.2 - May 26th 2005
Fixed usage of NameIdentifiers after calls to Register Name Identifier profile,
improved robustness against other Liberty implementations, improved loading of
metadata, fixed minor bugs and memory leaks. Continued work on ID-WSF support,
still partial and disabled by default.
0.6.1 - February 22nd 2005
Completed <lib:Extension> support, added full bidirectional query string support
for AuthnContextStatementRef, AuthnContextClassRef and AuthnContextComparison,
fixed a crasher-bug in a rare case of single sign on profile, tested and
shipped with Microsoft Visual Studio project files.
0.6.0 - January 27th 2005
Rewrote library internals to use standard structures instead of libxml2 nodes;
this allows faster processing, more flexibility and better support for language
bindings. Documented all the API functions. Fixed and improved the rest.
0.5.0 - November 9th 2004
All features of SP Basic, SP, IDP, and LECP profiles for Liberty IDFF 1.2
Static Conformance are now implemented, except for "Backward Compatibility".
Extended features are also supported, except for "Affiliations". Compatible
with the demo application of the last Beta version of SourceID Liberty 2.0.
Improved metadata support, a lot of new feature and bugfixes.
API, ABI, and dump format of messages have changed, so this release is not
compatible with previous versions.
0.4.1 - September 7th 2004
Small bug fixes. Windows DLL are now linked with standard call aliases.
0.4.0 - September 6th 2004
Complete support for the main profiles of Liberty Alliance IF-FF 1.2 (Single
Sign On, Single Logout, and Federation Termination). Revamped language
bindings to use SWIG (supported languages are noew Python, PHP, Java and C#).
More unit tests. Bugs fixed.
0.3.0 - July 27th 2004
Improved support for Single Sign On and Single Logout profiles. Python and
Java bindings. Unit tests. Bugs fixed.
0.2.0 - June 1st 2004
First release as a C library.