Thèmes Publik d'iMio
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Daniel Muyshond 41180703ff
gitea/imio-publik-themes/pipeline/head This commit looks good Details
Adjust logo placement (mettet)
1 week ago
debian debian: disable parallel building 1 year ago
publik-base-theme@29cd3fa7b5 Retrieve latest publik-base-theme 2 weeks ago
static Adjust logo placement (mettet) 1 week ago
templates feat: update theme because we updated authentic 2 weeks ago
.editorconfig [MTELERIXA-29] init EditorConfig file (#60740) 1 year ago
.gitignore add local dev watcher for SASS 4 months ago
.gitmodules Remove vim cmd from code preventing submodule setup 2 weeks ago
.prettierrc.json [MTELERIXA-29] init prettier config file (#60740) 1 year ago
COPYING add license file 7 years ago
Jenkinsfile Prepare Jenkinsfile for Gitea migration (#74572) 1 month ago
Makefile Use python3 instead of python 2 years ago update imio/_share.scss 4 years ago build: run get_themes with python3 3 years ago