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To start do:

    pip install -e .
    ./manage.py migrate
    ./manage.py runserver

To use your own settings make the LOCAL_SETTINGS environment variable point to
a settings file that will be executed in the context of the project settings
module, at its end.


 Nothing for now.

Requesting a file from another application

Downloading a file from fargo is easy:
- Open http://fargo/?pick=http://yoursite/pick-a-file/ in a popup or iframe
- When the user choose a file it is returned to


   Your view on this URL should download the file from the given URL, do
   something with it then close the popup/iframe.

Download URL are only valid during 60 seconds after the request will return
status 403. If the file has been removed a 404 is returned.

Displaying the list of files of a user

There are two methods JSONP and JSON, both are totally insecure, protect
them with your web server and IP limitations for now.


 * Add this to your page

    <script>function callback(data) {
        // display the file list by modifying the DOM
    <script src="http://fargo/jsonp/?callback=callback"></script>

 * data is structured like this:

    [ { 'url': 'http://fargo/download/etc..', 'filename': 'facture.pdf'}, ... ]


 * Do a get on http://fargo/json/?username=john.doe

Showing an upload form

You can open an upload form to fargo by creating a popup or an iframe with
location http://fargo/upload/. You can pass a parameter ?next=http://yoursite/
if you want the user to come back  to your site after the upload, to close the
popup or the destroy the iframe.

Code Style

black is used to format the Python code, using thoses parameters:

    black --target-version py37 --skip-string-normalization --line-length 110

There is .pre-commit-config.yaml to use pre-commit to automatically run black
before commits. (execute `pre-commit install` to install the git hook.)