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* add debian packagingHEADmasterBenjamin Dauvergne2017-06-235-0/+28
* Version 1.5.0.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-0417-31381/+21676
* Allows specifying model lookups in API functions.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-043-14/+34
* Fixes Python 2 tests.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-042-6/+8
* Fixes Django 1.8 compatibility.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-041-2/+8
* Clears caches during benchmark to ensure the same conditions for each test.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-042-0/+8
* Adds `CACHALOT_DATABASES` and removes dynamic setting support.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-0411-162/+326
* Fixes an import on Django 1.8Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-1/+1
* Invalidates queries on schema changes.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-2/+3
* Tests schema changing queries.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-2/+59
* Python optimisations.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-8/+6
* Removes a useless check.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-3/+0
* Correctly adds the `long` type.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-1/+1
* Adds the Python type `long` to the cachable param types.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-033-8/+13
* Prints again a debug line to understand why Travis CI is failing… -_-Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-0/+1
* Supports RawSQL.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-12/+23
* Fixes multi-databases tests.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-4/+5
* Simplifies tests while increasing their robustness by explicitely checking de...Bertrand Bordage2017-06-038-519/+296
* Tests invalidation of a nested raw subquery.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-44/+84
* Adds tests for RawSQL.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-032-0/+65
* Adds bytearray to the list of cachable params.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-2/+1
* Displays uncachable params to debug an issue only on Travis CI.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-0/+1
* Fixes Python 2.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-1/+2
* Fixes Django 1.11 compatibility.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-031-19/+22
* Updates tests for Django 1.11.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-029-335/+340
* Switches Travis back to PostgreSQL 9.4 since its docs doesn’t make sense.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-021-1/+1
* Switches Travis to PostgreSQL 9.5.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-021-3/+1
* Use Trusty in Travis.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-021-0/+2
* Fixes the Travis matrix by creating a script to generate it.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-022-159/+312
* Makes Travis CI correctly run on different Python versions.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-021-156/+160
* Removes Python 3.6 with Django 1.8 & 1.10.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-022-31/+2
* Switches to PostgreSQL 9.6.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-021-1/+1
* Merge pull request #80 from izimobil/masterBertrand Bordage2017-06-021-1/+1
| * Fixed django>=1.11 support.David Jean Louis2017-06-021-1/+1
* | Partially reverts 2cf0d65 from #68.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-023-7/+2
* | Merge pull request #68 from eriktelepovsky/masterBertrand Bordage2017-06-024-3/+9
|\ \
| * | Fixes cache in CachalotPanel, Version 1.4.2Erik Telepovský2016-11-224-3/+9
| |/
* | Also drops Django 1.9 & Python 3.3.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-024-71/+101
* | Updates Sphinx requirements.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-021-2/+2
* | Typos in docs.Bertrand Bordage2017-06-022-2/+2
* | Merge pull request #76 from slurms/patch-1Bertrand Bordage2017-06-021-2/+1
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Remove version since pylibmc issue has been fixedNick Sandford2017-05-061-2/+1
* Version 1.4.1.Bertrand Bordage2016-10-2417-10236/+10243
* Fixes issue #62.Bertrand Bordage2016-10-231-5/+3
* Reproduces the conditions of issue #62.Bertrand Bordage2016-10-231-3/+4
* Stops checking compatibility for caches other than CACHALOT_CACHE.Bertrand Bordage2016-10-231-6/+9
* Revert "Fixes a test broken by mysqlclient 1.3.8."Bertrand Bordage2016-10-231-3/+2
* Adds a test for the compatibility check.Bertrand Bordage2016-10-231-0/+51
* Adds missing requirements to tox.ini.Bertrand Bordage2016-10-231-1/+3
* Creates a test for CachalotPanel.Bertrand Bordage2016-10-236-4/+89