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README: describe the async options of the data_source renderer
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@@ -134,6 +134,11 @@ A source definition is a dictionnary containing the following keys:
retrieved for the current user,
- `signature_key`, when using the HMAC authentication mechanism it
holds the secret key used to sign the exchanges,
+ - `async`, if True make refreshing the cache asynchronous (using a thread),
+ beware that if the cache is currently empty a synchronous update will be
+ done, lock are used to limit update thread to one by URL, but it you use
+ a worker engine their could be multiple thread trying to update the same
+ cache in different workers, value is optional and its default is False,
- `timeout`, a timeout for making the HTTP request, it is optional
and it default to 10 seconds,
- `refresh`, how long to cache the parsed value of the source, it