BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
maintrivial: add noqa broad-exception-raised (pylint 2.16)Thomas NOËL10 hours
wip/68217-agenda-settings-buttonsmanager: fix simple desk management & tab redirection (#68217)Lauréline Guérin3 weeks
wip/69561-page-titlemanager: redo <title> to be "page name | global name" (#69561)Frédéric Péters3 weeks
wip/72324-date-picker-visibility-altmanager: redo date navigation/picker buttons (#72324)Frédéric Péters5 weeks
wip/72617-small-opening-hoursmanager: display at least a period in week/month views (#72617)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/72625-api-datetimes-agenda-virtuel-Typmanager: do not show weekday indexes field for exclusion periods (#72625)Valentin Deniaud6 weeks
wip/72634-resources-small-opening-hourstests: check display of booking in short resource week/month views (#72634)Frédéric Péters6 weeks
wip/73381-page-titlemanager: redo <title> to be "page name | global name" (#73381)Frédéric Péters3 weeks
wip/73904-Revoir-la-gestion-des-temps-enneapi: add booked events overlaps info in recurring events list (#73904)Valentin Deniaud12 hours
wip/73931-tox-use-django-filter-2-4tox: use django-filter 2.4 (Debian 11) (#73931)Thomas NOËL5 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  chrono-2.76.tar.gz  chrono-2.76.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters3 weeks  chrono-2.75.tar.gz  chrono-2.75.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters4 weeks  chrono-2.74.tar.gz  chrono-2.74.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters5 weeks  chrono-2.73.tar.gz  chrono-2.73.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters6 weeks  chrono-2.72.tar.gz  chrono-2.72.tar.bz2  Valentin Deniaud6 weeks  chrono-2.71.tar.gz  chrono-2.71.tar.bz2  Valentin Deniaud7 weeks  chrono-2.70.tar.gz  chrono-2.70.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters7 weeks  chrono-2.69.tar.gz  chrono-2.69.tar.bz2  Valentin Deniaud2 months  chrono-2.68.tar.gz  chrono-2.68.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters2 months  chrono-2.67.tar.gz  chrono-2.67.tar.bz2  Frédéric Péters2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 hourstrivial: add noqa broad-exception-raised (pylint 2.16)HEADmainThomas NOËL1-1/+1
15 hoursci: upgrade isort (#74044)Frédéric Péters1-1/+1
2023-01-13translation updatev2.76Frédéric Péters1-11/+9
2023-01-13manager: redo <title> to be "page name | global name" (#73381)Frédéric Péters2-9/+2
2023-01-13api: return also recurring events in agendas events endpoint (#73062)Lauréline Guérin2-16/+21
2023-01-10manager: fix simple desk management & tab redirection (#68217)wip/68217-agenda-settings-buttonsLauréline Guérin2-4/+11
2023-01-10manager: no delete button if only one desks (#68217)Lauréline Guérin1-1/+1
2023-01-10manager: move "new" buttons in corresponding settings tabs (#68217)Lauréline Guérin1-12/+18
2023-01-05translation updatev2.75Frédéric Péters1-43/+24
2023-01-05debian/uwsgi: use cron2 (#64474)Thomas NOËL1-10/+10