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diff --git a/idp/extra/modules/ b/idp/extra/modules/
index 14fd873..cad2e91 100644
--- a/idp/extra/modules/
+++ b/idp/extra/modules/
@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@ from qommon import get_cfg
from qommon import errors
from qommon import template
-import liberty.saml2
+import authentic.liberty.saml2 as saml2
-import misc
+import authentic.misc as misc
import directory
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ def check_access_authorizations(provider_key):
return False
-class AccessControlSpUI(liberty.saml2.SpUI):
+class AccessControlSpUI(saml2.SpUI):
def _q_access(self):
authorized = check_access_authorizations(self.provider_key)
if not authorized:
@@ -66,15 +66,15 @@ class AccessControlSpUI(liberty.saml2.SpUI):
raise errors.AccessUnauthorizedError()
def login(self, encryption_mode = None, method = None, nid_format = None, relay_state = None):
- return liberty.saml2.SpUI.login(self, encryption_mode, method, nid_format, 'backoffice')
+ return saml2.SpUI.login(self, encryption_mode, method, nid_format, 'backoffice')
-class AccessControlSpDir(liberty.saml2.SpDir):
+class AccessControlSpDir(saml2.SpDir):
def _q_lookup(self, component):
return AccessControlSpUI(component)
-class AlternateSaml2Directory(liberty.saml2.RootDirectory):
+class AlternateSaml2Directory(saml2.RootDirectory):
sp = AccessControlSpDir()
def check_access_authorizations(self, login):
@@ -97,5 +97,5 @@ you should contact the administration of your collectivity.'''))
return template.error_page(_('''\
You do not have required authorizations to access the "%s" service,
you should contact the administration of your collectivity.''') % label)
- return liberty.saml2.RootDirectory.sso_after_authentication(
+ return saml2.RootDirectory.sso_after_authentication(
self, login, user_authenticated, proxied=proxied)