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* View history lines for cancellation of tasks or information #22006Nicolas Demonte2019-03-131-0/+4
* Update translation filesNicolas Demonte2019-02-121-26/+31
* Allow cancelling of validation requests #22008Nicolas Demonte2019-02-121-0/+8
* Allow return to initial state of a validation request #22008Nicolas Demonte2019-02-121-1/+17
* Add menu action for validate & finish cancellation #22008Nicolas Demonte2019-01-211-0/+4
* Email notification for task cancelling #22006Nicolas Demonte2019-01-211-0/+4
* Allow restores of deleted versions and appendix #22003Nicolas Demonte2019-01-211-24/+171
* greffier can now add a noteVincent Fretin2013-09-041-25/+45
* Update workflowsCédric Messiant2013-08-301-1/+5
* Add considered state and to_considered transitionCédric Messiant2013-08-301-6/+6
* Change finish_without_validation labelCédric Messiant2013-08-291-16/+20
* merge workflow history of all versions into document historyVincent Fretin2013-07-191-14/+18
* New comments mangement for task refusal processCédric Messiant2013-07-191-22/+30
* Collections are created in FrenchCédric Messiant2013-07-081-33/+1
* Create tasks related collections at site creationCédric Messiant2013-07-081-1/+33
* i18nCédric Messiant2013-07-051-6/+1
* Create signed version managementCédric Messiant2013-07-051-8/+41
* Update i18nCédric Messiant2013-07-041-5/+5
* Update i18nCédric Messiant2013-07-021-3/+59
* Added viewlet 'go back to document'Vincent Fretin2013-05-131-2/+6
* Added 'Create outgoing mail' on taskVincent Fretin2013-04-301-2/+6
* Fixed incoming mail attributed subscriberCédric Messiant2013-04-061-0/+23
* Initial commitCédric Messiant2013-03-261-0/+0