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* Update to accept new (post) parameters for new liege rn service.HEADmasterChristophe Boulanger2019-07-011-2/+9
* increase length of url field (#34307)v0.4Frédéric Péters2019-06-252-1/+21
* remove log level attribute (#27162)v0.3v0.2Frédéric Péters2018-11-191-0/+19
* migrations: mark slug as unique from the start (#20937)v0.1Frédéric Péters2018-01-112-1/+20
* misc: disable db_index in slug fields to work around migration bug (#20937)Frédéric Péters2018-01-021-1/+1
* add debian packagingFrédéric Péters2017-12-155-0/+23
* add basic connectorFrédéric Péters2017-12-157-0/+231
* add gitignoreFrédéric Péters2017-12-151-0/+6
* init as an AGPL projectFrédéric Péters2017-12-151-0/+661