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* Tests: fixed failing 'test_get_courrier_type' because of previous commitMichael Bideau2019-10-291-1/+2
* Make the connector more generic; Fixed urls and some pylint issuesMichael Bideau2019-10-241-16/+130
* Tests: Refactoring: moving fixtures to, added some fixture for Fo...Michael Bideau2019-08-265-621/+371
* Refactoring: fix most of the (many) 'flake8' complaintsMichael Bideau2019-08-226-150/+159
* Refactoring: fix all of the 'pylint' complaints for tests files (conftests, s...Michael Bideau2019-08-222-7/+17
* License: prepended license text to all tests filesMichael Bideau2019-08-226-0/+111
* Refactoring: fix most of the (many many) 'pylint' complaintsMichael Bideau2019-08-224-730/+912
* Resources: removed 'trac.ico' file (should not have been commited)Michael Bideau2019-08-211-0/+0
* Tests: set 'now' to a time when 'guichet' is open in 'test_openads_create_dos...Michael Bideau2019-08-211-15/+18
* Added 'guichet' (planned availability), added CRUD views for each entity, man...Michael Bideau2019-08-204-166/+1154
* Added 'lettre_type' param to 'get_courrier()' endpointMichael Bideau2019-07-291-4/+6
* Added 'collectivite' param to 'create_dossier()' endpoint, removed useless '*...Michael Bideau2019-07-291-0/+6
* 100% test coverage, dict strings are truncated when dumped, error messages ho...Michael Bideau2019-07-251-63/+435
* Use HTTPResource, JSON schema for inputs, JSON lazy logging, added ForwardFil...Michael Bideau2019-07-181-13/+23
* Rebase from 'remote/origin'Michael Bideau2019-07-161-5/+4
| * add tests system, via toxThomas NOEL2019-07-156-0/+453
* | Added testing with tox, added AGPLv3 license, replaced namespace, and moreMichael Bideau2019-07-167-0/+457
* Tests: removed useless files added by mistake and old 'tests' directoryMichael Bideau2019-07-112-565/+0
* Supporting to create a 'dossier' from a real request (no more hardcoded payload)Michael Bideau2019-05-071-55/+114
* Initial import of the tests filesMichael Bideau2019-05-062-0/+506