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* Use HTTPResource, JSON schema for inputs, JSON lazy logging, added ForwardFil...Michael Bideau4 days1-13/+23
* Rebase from 'remote/origin'Michael Bideau7 days1-5/+4
| * add tests system, via toxThomas NOEL7 days6-0/+453
* | Added testing with tox, added AGPLv3 license, replaced namespace, and moreMichael Bideau7 days7-0/+457
* Tests: removed useless files added by mistake and old 'tests' directoryMichael Bideau11 days2-565/+0
* Supporting to create a 'dossier' from a real request (no more hardcoded payload)Michael Bideau2019-05-071-55/+114
* Initial import of the tests filesMichael Bideau2019-05-062-0/+506