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* Tests: Refactoring: moving fixtures to, added some fixture for Fo...HEADmasterMichael Bideau2019-08-265-621/+371
* Locales: added translations for 'fr' localeMichael Bideau2019-08-221-144/+190
* Features: adding verbose name to all fields (mainly ForwardFile ones)Michael Bideau2019-08-222-45/+28
* Refactoring: fix most of the (many) 'flake8' complaintsMichael Bideau2019-08-2213-390/+401
* Refactoring: fix all of the 'pylint' complaints for tests files (conftests, s...Michael Bideau2019-08-222-7/+17
* License: prepended license text to all tests filesMichael Bideau2019-08-226-0/+111
* Refactoring: fix most of the (many many) 'pylint' complaintsMichael Bideau2019-08-2211-1215/+1965
* License: prepended license text to most filesMichael Bideau2019-08-2126-10/+428
* Resources: removed 'trac.ico' file (should not have been commited)Michael Bideau2019-08-211-0/+0
* Locales: cleaning extra 'fr' PO file (should not have been commited previously)Michael Bideau2019-08-211-400/+0
* added locales compilation; Locales: added 'fr' PO file; Fixes: sema...Michael Bideau2019-08-216-12/+857
* Tests: set 'now' to a time when 'guichet' is open in 'test_openads_create_dos...Michael Bideau2019-08-211-15/+18
* Added 'guichet' (planned availability), added CRUD views for each entity, man...Michael Bideau2019-08-2020-379/+3042
* JSON schemas: removed __main__ partMichael Bideau2019-08-201-14/+0
* JSON schemas: fixed a typo ('Un particulier' instead of 'Une personne physique')Michael Bideau2019-08-191-4/+4
* Added 'lettre_type' param to 'get_courrier()' endpointMichael Bideau2019-07-292-7/+10
* Added 'collectivite' param to 'create_dossier()' endpoint, removed useless '*...Michael Bideau2019-07-292-9/+19
* 100% test coverage, dict strings are truncated when dumped, error messages ho...Michael Bideau2019-07-253-194/+528
* JSON Schema input validation enabled (again), utf-8 decode error fixed, and moreMichael Bideau2019-07-231-58/+56
* JSON Schema fixed, commented and updated with 'qualite' conditions on 'denomi...Michael Bideau2019-07-231-22/+94
* Removed JSON schema validation, Added support for 'mandataire' and 'pouvoir_m...Michael Bideau2019-07-221-27/+47
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Bideau2019-07-222-0/+6
| * debian: add settings.d default valuesv2Thomas NOEL2019-07-222-0/+6
* | Fix: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in posi...Michael Bideau2019-07-221-1/+1
* Refactoring: remove 'extra_debug' field and replaced all 'self.debug' calls b...Michael Bideau2019-07-182-29/+20
* Use HTTPResource, JSON schema for inputs, JSON lazy logging, added ForwardFil...Michael Bideau2019-07-184-151/+838
* Rebase from 'remote/origin'Michael Bideau2019-07-169-29/+88
| * .gitignore: exclude coverage and tests resultsThomas NOEL2019-07-151-0/+3
| * ensure tox.ini compatibility with JenkinsfileThomas NOEL2019-07-153-12/+27
| * add tests system, via toxThomas NOEL2019-07-1512-9/+83
| * add Jenkinsfilev1Thomas NOEL2019-07-151-0/+29
* | Added testing with tox, added AGPLv3 license, replaced namespace, and moreMichael Bideau2019-07-1616-24/+784
* | Features: added a 1h timeout to every requestsMichael Bideau2019-07-151-6/+31
* Added 'test_openads_connexion' endpoint and README completedMichael Bideau2019-07-112-1/+77
* Added 'extra_debug' field and a function to only log debug message if extra_d...Michael Bideau2019-07-112-27/+46
* Cleanup: removed useless endpoints and test casesMichael Bideau2019-07-113-430/+41
* Tests: removed useless files added by mistake and old 'tests' directoryMichael Bideau2019-07-115-577/+0
* Making tests independant of 'passerelle' and 'vagrant', added HTTP Basic cred...Michael Bideau2019-07-119-6/+640
* Added minimum required files for packagingMichael Bideau2019-07-109-0/+74
* Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Bideau2019-07-100-0/+0
| * Added HTTP Basic authentication, more logging, cleaning, some small fixMichael Bideau2019-07-102-97/+125
* | Added HTTP Basic authentication, ForwardFiles content deleted on success, plu...Michael Bideau2019-07-102-97/+125
* Supporting to create a 'dossier' from a real request (no more hardcoded payload)Michael Bideau2019-05-072-174/+266
* Initial import of the tests filesMichael Bideau2019-05-062-0/+506
* FeaturesMichael Bideau2019-05-061-53/+95
* Initial import of source code (new models: AtrealOpenads, ForwardFile)Michael Bideau2019-04-304-0/+721