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Include version 0.8.1 in the NEWS-file.
This release was branched from the 0.8.0-release, and was therefore not included in the NEWS-file for the master-branch.
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@@ -24,6 +24,23 @@ Version 0.9.0
* Fix looking up sessions by NameID, which is used during logout.
+Version 0.8.1
+This is a security release with fixes backported from version 0.9.1.
+It turned out that session overflow bugs fixes in version 0.9.0 and
+0.9.1 can lead to information disclosure, where data from one session
+is leaked to another session. Depending on how this data is used by the
+web application, this may lead to data from one session being disclosed
+to an user in a different session. (CVE-2014-8566)
+In addition to the information disclosure, this release contains some
+fixes for logout processing, where logout requests would crash the
+Apache web server. (CVE-2014-8567)
Version 0.8.0