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-Template: larpe/hostname
-Type: string
-Default: localhost
-Description: Hostname :
- This is the name by which this reverse-proxy will be known on the network.
- Your DNS server must have been configured accordingly.
-Template: larpe/enable_vhost
-Type: boolean
-Default: false
-Description: Enable this vhost :
- A new virtual host for Larpe will be created with the hostname you chose. It may break
- your Apache2 configuration.
- .
- If you didn't tweak your Apache2 configuration a lot
- and you don't have vital websites on the same server, you can safely say "yes" here
- to enable it, and fix it later if needed.
- .
- If you prefer checking this vhost will fit well with your Apache2 configuration first,
- and enable it by yourself later, say "no".
-Template: larpe/admin_username
-Type: string
-Default: admin
-Description: Administrator login :
- This is the login which will be used to connect to the administrator interface
-Template: larpe/admin_password
-Type: password
-Description: Administrator password :
- This is the password which will be used to connect to the administrator interface
-Template: larpe/admin_email
-Type: string
-Default: root@localhost
-Description: Administrator email address :
- This is the email address to which problem reports will be sent