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[idp] Attribute policies can now be managed with global policies.
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@@ -20,16 +20,22 @@ global policies named 'Default' and 'All':
**A policy is taken in account only if it is enabled.**
+**When a regular policy is associated with an object, it is taken in account
+only if the option 'enable the following policy' is checked.**
def get_sample_policy(any_object):
+ # Look for a global policy 'All'
return SamplePolicy.objects.get(name='All', enabled=True)
except SamplePolicy.DoesNotExist:
+ # Look for a regular policy
if any_object.enable_following_sample_policy:
if any_object.sample_policy:
return any_object.sample_policy
+ # Look for a global policy 'Default'
return SamplePolicy.objects.get(name='Default', enabled=True)
except SamplePolicy.DoesNotExist:
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@@ -174,6 +174,9 @@ ______________________________________
Create or modify an attribute policy
+You can create a global policy 'All' or 'Default'. For details, see :ref:`administration_with_policies`.
+Or you can create a regular policy and associate it to a service provider.
1. Go to http[s]://
2. Add list to the policy
@@ -191,7 +194,7 @@ __________________________________________
1. Go to http[s]://
-2. Add policy to the service provider
+2. Associate the policy to the service provider and **enable it**
.. image:: pictures/sp_policy_pull.png
:width: 800 px
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