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* handle new organigram (#4489)HEADmasterFrédéric Péters2014-03-171-10/+26
* apply changes that lingered on the serverFrédéric Péters2012-10-301-12/+36
* use displayNameFrédéric Péters2012-10-301-0/+1
* fix manager_nameFrédéric Péters2012-10-301-1/+1
* Added leaf pagesFrédéric Péters2010-06-141-1/+11
* Fixed LDAP connection to custom portFrédéric Péters2010-06-141-1/+1
* Fixed caching of LDAP resultsFrédéric Péters2010-06-141-1/+1
* append time to ldap cache keyFrédéric Péters2010-05-251-1/+4
* Support for cellulesFrédéric Péters2009-11-031-12/+13
* correctly catch missing service managerFrédéric Péters2009-11-031-1/+1
* Special case 'Service du Greffier'Frédéric Péters2009-11-031-7/+11
* Cache LDAP queriesFrédéric Péters2009-11-021-0/+4
* A more "service orientated" viewFrédéric Péters2009-11-021-3/+55
* Limit to entries that are from the parliamentFrédéric Péters2009-11-021-1/+4
* First version of a getServices() method, ineffective as we lack dataFrédéric Péters2009-10-221-1/+28
* phone listFrédéric Péters2009-10-221-8/+26
* Initial versionFrédéric Péters2009-10-211-0/+57